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  1. Seems like I hear a lot about people having a dead Egret chip?
  2. sstaylor

    Baroni’s Collection

    Seems like the IIfx is very particular about SCSI devices, and required special terminators internally and externally. Maybe they were active terminators or something, all I remember is at the time it was something special.
  3. sstaylor

    Where to start with 3 Mac IIs?

    On ci #1 and cx #3, the cards closest to the power supply are ethernet cards rather than video cards. The 15 pin connector there is an AUI connector ci #2 might get better results if you pull that single ram simm out of the bank. edit: You may be able to find documentation on your video adapters in the Peripherals section, "Video Adapter Docs Scan Dump" thread.
  4. For FDHD you need to move the roms *and* the SWIM chip
  5. sstaylor

    Not Mac but pretty cool

    You must be living right! Congratulations
  6. sstaylor

    Mac Plus or Mac SE?

    The Dead Mac Scrolls, which is available out there on the 'tubes as a PDF, shows pictures of common faults and their repairs for the Plus and SE. It's a great resource. https://vintageapple.org/macbooks/pdf/The_Dead_Mac_Scrolls_1992.pdf
  7. sstaylor

    Jessenator's conquests

    Ha! I was looking at that ad an hour ago. I wasn't too interested in the 7200, but hmmm that monitor and keyboard... Congratulations, looks like a nice score!
  8. sstaylor

    Mac Plus 3.5" drive with iigs

    Wow, I'm really surprised that any USB drive could write 800K disks. Good to know.
  9. sstaylor

    eBay IIci WTF

    Hope it didn't kill the cache card or the logic board!
  10. If you have a dvd burner, you can download a disk image from Macintosh Garden and burn a copy. They have images of the retail disk and might have an image of the original disk for your iMac/PowerMac G5.
  11. Maybe the gear was designed to be the first to break as sort of a "fuse"; if too much torque was applied or if something else went wrong, that particular gear would give way and spare all the other gears. I'm probably giving too much benefit of the doubt or credit for being far-sighted but who knows.
  12. I'm guessing you may be trying to install from the installer disk for another computer, maybe a PowerMac G5 or a Mac Mini or something. You're going to want a retail Leopard disk. I understand there are ways of modifying an image of your disk to allow it to install but it's easier to just get the retail disk.
  13. I would guess that your monitor is desperately out of adjustment; it looks like the electron guns are far out of alignment. I don't recall off the top of my head, but it seems like they are adjusted on the neck of the crt which is really difficult. It might adjust by way of pots on the inside which is somewhat easier but still tough. There are copies of the service manual around and you might check one of those for instructions.
  14. sstaylor

    AlphaSmart connected to iPhone for macro control.

    Very neat. I love the old AlphaSmarts. Fun YouTube series.
  15. sstaylor

    Configure MacTCP?

    You'll have to let us know what the secret sauce was. It's funny, I had been reading through this nearly year-old thread just as you posted.