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  1. techknight

    Color Classic Analog Board issue

    it can be. But it depends on what happened prior. If it was working, and now its not, your recap job may be at fault. Or, its an unfortunate set of circumstances that caused the IC to fail.
  2. techknight

    Recap Guide - 12” RGB Monitor (M1296)

    Nice info. but I like pics too. im a very visual person.
  3. techknight

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    You could probably get away with the WiFi modem firmware, so everything is treated like AT commands on the serial side. that way the machine would think its still a modem. anyways, Not sure why your still keeping the RJ11 jack? id replace that with an RP-SMA connector so you could install a wireless antenna on the rear, if you wanted. another thing to think about in the future is replacing the ESP8266 with a Pi zero W instead. that way, the Powerbook side would still see a serial port, but its a serial port to the Pi itself. so then Pi could run the web proxy, and other things, like the MacIPPi environment. Then you have a self-contained system without the need of a helper PC hanging by externally. Caveat being the RS232 is probably not the fastest. so it would be quite slow id imagine. But hey, better than nothing.
  4. techknight

    Apple custom ASIC dissection, imaging and analysis

    actually, I think the Commodore SID chip needs properly reverse engineered. The clones that are out there, do not sound the same.
  5. techknight

    PB Duo schematics?

    LOL or maybe their internal archives somewhere.
  6. techknight

    Apple IIgs Bodge Wires Normal?

    That was done at the factory, and for a reason. I can tell by looking at it. Judging by the R/C filter, they must have had timing issues with one of the lines and they had to fix it. Not uncommon to have factory bodged apple hardware, I see it all the time.
  7. techknight

    PB Duo schematics?

    Not sure they exist.
  8. techknight

    Strange SE/30 Simasimac

    It looks like 1 of the two VRAM ICs isnt being written to or initialized properly. Also make sure all of your address and data lines, plus control lines are good to the ASC, SCSI, SCC, etc... from the ROM socket or GLU as the origin test points.
  9. yea the Power Supplies are a known trouble point in the LC series. I havent seen one yet that I havent had to recap.
  10. egret chips seem to be a common problem. I think they are 68HC705 CPUs? I dont remember. With the RTC chip replacement project happening with the SE in the Hacks forum, tangentially might be a good idea to start looking at equivalent egrets using a PIC or AVR. And the egret's ROM being reverse engineered, of course. We dont really have a good grasp on how age and heat affect solid-state electronics over decades, as the technology simply isnt old enough. We are just now getting there. Oldest of the oldest being the worst affected, such as 60s/70s Hi-Fi audio, etc.
  11. techknight

    Macintosh LC TDK PSU troubleshooting

    Thats a first, for me anyways. At least you figured it out. Is it a TL431?
  12. techknight

    LC Video distortion after recap

    yea, likely broken trace or via, or when you recapped, you have blobbed solder over to something that you shouldnt have. Always double and triple check your work, especially if this symptom was created AFTER the recap.
  13. Only ones that are available are the BOMARC versions.
  14. techknight

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    I absolutely love what youve done here.
  15. yea, I think it was a group effort with Steve Chamberlin, and a few others to get those DB19's newly manufactured. I think it was the male side, but I cant remember exactly.