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  1. The fact that the vertical height is fluctuating with the brightness, means you have B+ issues. Either Scan-derived, or from the main power supply. It is possible the vertical height pot is dirty and needs cleaned with deoxit, but its unlikely. I think you either have solder joint issues around the flyback, vertical output or associated circuitry, or you have a bad/leaking capacitor somewhere and something is intermittently shorting out. This could also be a semiconductor fault too, but its really hard to tell without troubleshooting the circuitry.
  2. techknight

    Driving the M5120 Display

    Well im not sure where you are going with this. Are you trying to achieve grayscale? That LCD panel is only capable of 1 bit per pixel aka black and white display.
  3. techknight

    Driving the M5120 Display

    There is no context so what is the point of this thread? Not sure what the mission here is. Replacing the LCD display? Or driving the existing one from something else?
  4. techknight

    Degaussing coil fixed my Color Classic

    Best I could find. I edited it as necessary.
  5. techknight

    Degaussing coil fixed my Color Classic

    I dont have any photos handy. But there is a black coil of wire that surrounds the bell of the CRT towards the front. from that, is 2 wires that go into a white molex connector. That molex connector then plugs onto the analog board. Right next to the analog board connector is a black square thing. That is the thermistor. If you flip the analog board over, you could potentially have bad solder joints at the molex connector for the degaussing coil, or the thermistor. It is also possible the thermistor is bad, and typically are hard to find. I dont have a part number handy to find a replacement for that currently.
  6. techknight

    Degaussing coil fixed my Color Classic

    Yea the CC has a Degausser. all Color CRTs do. they have to. 9 times out of 10 its usually solder joint related, or the thermistor goes bad.
  7. I should. it's just a bit off-topic for this forum so I dont know where I would put it. I need to have someone more seasoned in C code take a look at my program at some point. It works fine, but im sure there room for improvement to make things faster. When it comes to the 68010 running at 8Mhz, you need to squeeze every ounce of performance you can get out of it.
  8. Ahh see this is all good information. I've never written a mac application before in my life in C so its neat knowing these things. I have wrntten mac apps in Abstracted languages such as RealBASIC. The only C programming I have done was Bare Metal, and surprisingly enough, was on a 68K. actually, juggling between two 68Ks, with 1 having paged memory access to the RAM of the other. But, thats a cluster**** for another day/time. Thanks for the tips.
  9. hmm maybe I need to read books on this, but how does the application cope if the memory manager decides if something needs moved? it just moves it halfway in the middle of your loop while your using it? I guess this stems from my bad idea of defining a new local pointer with the data from the other pointer. That would be bad, I see.... But then if the pointer address is moving around in a loop inside your application, how does the memory manager know not to reset that pointer back to the beginning again, crashing your app? (if it needs to move data) Because it would seem to me if your using a pointer to a pointer you would be incrementing the address thats stored in the pointer table. If Memory manager changes this address to a new location, it screws the loop.
  10. So the pointer to the pointer is simply just a table of addresses that are managed by the OS? So when getting the address to where your gonna place something, you have to refer to that table, basically? I see.... Pointers are just locations for system resources basically. Ive written bare-metal C, so its hard to sometimes fathom how an OS can complicate things sometimes.
  11. Double pointers always confused me in C, so I have always avoided the use of them. What is it used for in this instance? Just curious.
  12. techknight

    Degaussing coil fixed my Color Classic

    I am going to be honest with you, I have never ever seen a degaussing coil go bad. Thermistor though? all the time. So this is an interesting one for me.
  13. techknight

    PowerBook 180c screen tints yellowish

    Yea, your going to need a new cable sadly.
  14. techknight

    Color Classic floppy needs a rebuild- gears?

    The floppy drive in my CC is the same exact drive thats in the SE/30, LC, etc.