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  1. SoundChances

    Color Classic Missing Green

    Yes, don't overlook the simple explanation that the edge connector is the problem. I've had several Color Classics and the edge connector was a problem on all of them, check and clean those "pins" on the mainboard. I've seen some where the "pin" has lifted and causes a short, others where the "pin" caught on something being inserted and pushed the metal back along its plastic guide so it didn't make a connection. But most of the time, just a little wiggle and jiggle will make it right.
  2. SoundChances

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    You should be fine with ordering the ones I linked. I have bought 4M and 16M sticks from them over the years and never had an issue in any compact Macs I've stuck them in. I actually just bought another batch of 16M sticks a few weeks ago and they are happily running in an SE/30.
  3. SoundChances

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    Another Amazon source for 30 pin, I've bought plenty from these guys and they work fine https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IC1A1O8/
  4. SoundChances

    Dual booting an SE/30: Partition limits??

    Keeping the boot partition within the first 2 GB is a good idea and should allow the second partition to boot. With the SCSI2SD, you can set it up to show up as multiple drives, so if you need all four gigs, you could set it up as 2 2G drives.
  5. SoundChances

    SE/30 Memory Test Application Utility

    I had to do a reinstall of 7.1 but everything seemed fine with it and 7.5 as well though it requires a resedit to work. I haven't used a IIsi or IIfx but would assume that they have the same issues as the ROM-inator is based on one of those
  6. SoundChances

    SE/30 Memory Test Application Utility

    Just a note on the Rominator, I have one and found it fixes some issues and causes others. 32 Bit clean is nice and the rom disk is a killer feature, but I had issues running 24 bit software and system 6. I went back to the stock rom and the problems I've known how to work around for ~20 yeas now
  7. SoundChances

    SE/30 Memory Test Application Utility

    I was pretty sure that Shufflepuck was not 32bit compatible... Anyway, my SE/30 bombs out with a bus error just like you described in 32bit mode but runs fine in 24.
  8. SoundChances

    Classic II any hope?

    I'd love to find a dozen ADB mice for $5.
  9. SoundChances

    Color Classic PDS Networking Options

    I know the Farallon card will work with Apple's drivers for sure(got one in my CC right now) and I'm about 95% sure the Asante will as well.
  10. SoundChances

    Looking for help with Color Classic analog board

    That's the board, right down to the discoloration around the short fat cap next to the blue thingys. Just came across that pic and a thread with it this morning...
  11. My favorite Macintosh toy needs a recap at least. It works fine, but it has the CRT scream of death that gives me a headache within 3 seconds of it being on. Caps on the logic board have leaked a bit, but not bad(it's a CC2/LC550 board) On the analog board it appears the big short fat cap in the middle has leaked like a MoFo. Could that be the cause of the noise or is the scream the transformer's death scream? I'm still building my skills on a disaster zone of an SE/30 and do not trust my soldering skills on my favorite toy. So can any of you wizards help me with this and what kind of cost would I be looking at?