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  1. duewix

    Avid Newbie Question

    Hi Everyone, I picked up an Avid Meridien BOB today at my local university surplus. It was cheap enough and came with some useful cables so I thought I'd buy now and ask questions later. My question, can I do anything fun with it if I buy the Avid Meridien cardset to go with it or is software going to be a limiting factor? If the boardset can make it into something functional, anyone have one they'd like sell/trade for? If not, anyone need a Meridien BOB Thanks!
  2. duewix

    Geeks Special - Quad G5?

    Yes, I agree that for production, a Quad G5 would not be my first pick. That's why I have a Mac Pro (and a small heard of PCs, etc). However, I think the majority of us, at some level, have certain systems that we have always wanted and would love to add to our collection for purposes of tinkering, exploring or simply admiring. Most of us cannot fulfill all our computing needs with a IIfx and rocket but we'd love to have one. To drill down to the root of my question, I guess I am asking if one wanted a Quad G5, should one by the one I mentioned or wait for a better deal?
  3. Hey Everyone, Not sure if anyone saw this but on geeks.com, they are selling refurbished quad-core G5 powermacs for $379. I have ordered from them before and have always been happy. Plus, getting this particular model with some semblance of a warranty is appealing to me. What do you guys think of the price?
  4. duewix


    Thanks to BGoins12, I am know the proud owner of Lombard 333 MHz. The laptop is in excellent condition. I had one of these in college and reacquiring it really takes me back. When I moved into my first apartment back then, this little guy and my neighbor's unsecured wifi as my only link till I could convince comcast to finally turn on my cable a month later! Thanks again BGoins12! As a side note, anyone have a Pismo they are interested in unloading? I'd like to complete the set.
  5. duewix

    VMS Goodness

    A couple days ago, I picked up a DEC Alphaserver 2100 from my work. It came complete with two DEC SCSI arrays filled with drives, a DEC terminal and the beast itself. Here's the kicker - still has the OS, VMS, on it! Can't wait to play with it more but I need to get the thing into my workshop first...it's hanging out in the garage. Moving it is no small feat either - it is larger than any other deskside I have (now up to 6...I have a problem)
  6. duewix

    New Internet Computer

    Thanks Temetka Yeah, I'd probably be interested in unloading one of the iPaqs...they came without hard drives or ram but I got some nice 256 mg DIMMs out of a dead compaq server that came with the ipaqs so we'll see. Shoot me an offer if you are interested. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for Sun-wise - I have tons of ultra gear including some SunPCI boards. I'd double check on them using PS/2 keyboard though...I have an ultra10 that if memory serves me correctly, they use standard Sun keyboards. You'll be happy with your ultra 10...they're nice machines. I used to drool over them when the engineering school had them in undergrad.
  7. duewix

    New Internet Computer

    Just picked three of these little guys up. These were Larry Ellison's love children a few years back - a low cost (<200) computer that would take users to the internet via Netscape. They booted off a supplied Linux CD with a severly crippled disto with basically only internet capabilities. Cyrix MII 266 MHz CPU 64 Mb RAM (standard DIMM, bet you could upgrade) 4 Mb Flash Drive (these are odd - plugs directly into the IDE port, can set master and slave...I am figuring out how to use it in another computer) Integrated sound, video, ethernet, modem 60 watt PS which pretty much prevents using an off the shelf HD All in a case the size of a hard cover novel. I have a burned copy of the boot CD too...two of them work, third for parts. Also got three working compaq ipaq minitowers. I'll put pictures when I get a chance.
  8. duewix

    Possible Apple Network Server

    Hey - I kinda lurk here but I am an actual member. I'm the guy that has the AWS...it is a 500/132. I bought it from the Kiwanis Garage Sale in Ann Arbor a couple years back and supposedly it came from a local business. All the drives were pulled, sadly, but we jerry-rigged a 2 gig hot-swap SCSI drive and a CDROM into it. Never got around to getting AIX to run on it though...right now, it makes a nice table in my old workshop. They aren't quite as beastly as you'd expect - like a couple of Quadra 950s glued together on a wheely base. I have moved worse - my SGI Onyx2 almost killed me. I was kinda disappointed by it - I expected more exotic hardware but it is essentially a retooled (some would say crippled) 9500 with a built-on RAID. iamdigitalman has dibs on all my surplus mac gear including the AWS but if anyone wants to get started on unix, I can hook you up with some decent gear.