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  1. There is an early and later/ low rfi version. Out of all of my machines I've only encountered 1 or 2 of the older type.
  2. 360alaska

    Performa 631 Compatible IDE to CF Adapter

    I have a 32gb sata ssd in mine with a convertor. Works like a charm. CF to IDE adapters simply don't work on Performa 630 type machines.
  3. 360alaska

    LC 630 DOS-Compatible "Adapter Board"

    If I'm not mistaken, LC 580 boards have both. I wrote a thread about adding a dos board to my LC580.
  4. 360alaska

    Classic II Startup Chime

    Does sound work at all?
  5. I didn't see the analog board in that link so here it is: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_Xp3uN-BcxsQjFLRUZqeEw2VFE Look in the other copies folder.
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  7. 360alaska

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    Here is the final Design:
  8. 360alaska

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    So the original 40mb hard drive is 101.7 x 70.1 x 18 and the SCSI2SD and adapter is 99.5 x 55.1 x 17.1 (with the cover on the scsi2sd). I have also designed a caddy of sorts with the correct mounting holes:
  9. Thank you for your encouragement! There was a bit of trial and error and research involved. I'm going to try and use the other half of the comparitor to release the relay when both charging ICs signal complete.
  10. 360alaska

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    It will be smaller than a hard drive, I can probably design and 3d print a mounting solution. Anyhow, the new board comes tomorrow so expect an update then.
  11. 360alaska

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    If you take the scsi2sd out of it’s case, it and the adapter should fit in any scsi powerbook.
  12. 360alaska

    Just purchased M5126 HELP

    Digikey or EBay is probably your best bet.
  13. 360alaska

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    LOL yeah, those powerbook scsi2sd cards have become unobtainium.
  14. 360alaska

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    You must not have read the full thread.