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  1. I have had an Apple II Plus for a while, but never got around to messing with it. When you turn it on, it beeps once and the floppy drive spins and doesn't stop until you press the reset button. It doesn't load any disks, and it doesn't sound like it is trying to read the disks. I have pressed on all of the socketed chips to make sure they are fully seated and the issue still persists. When you press ctrl-reset, the drive stops spinning and I get a cursor, but nothing happens when I type. Any ideas?
  2. CompuNurd

    Aztec LC PSU still ticking after recap

    It was audible from several feet away. If you want it, I'll send it to you for the cost of shipping, shoot me a PM. Better someone make use of it than it being trashed.
  3. CompuNurd

    Aztec LC PSU still ticking after recap

    The optocoupler seemed to fix it, but there was a humming, presumably from the transformer, and a lifted pad. I don't trust it, so I will be scrapping it.
  4. CompuNurd

    Aztec LC PSU still ticking after recap

    I have tested the optocoupler and it seems to be fine (unless I tested it wrong?). I guess it never hurts to try. The model is CNX82A, Mouser and Digikey do not stock it, but I found some on eBay.
  5. CompuNurd

    Aztec LC PSU still ticking after recap

    What's it supposed to read? My meter has the diode and 2Kohm functions together. When I measure, the reading is ~.200 then rises up to ~1.700, and keeps going.
  6. CompuNurd

    Aztec LC PSU still ticking after recap

    Yes Hmm. All colored wires show continuity with the two black wires. I don't see a solder bridge anywhere....
  7. I just recapped an Aztec PSU from a Mac LC, and when I go to turn it on, it just ticks. The solder connections look fine, is there something I am missing? The voltages I am getting are: ~4.5 from the blue wire, ~1.25 from the yellow wire, and ~.60 from the orange wire.
  8. CompuNurd

    Johnnya101's Finds

    I still have cap kits for TDK PSUs. PM me if you want a few.
  9. CompuNurd

    $30 SE/40/1MB/6.0.8 from craigslist . . .

    Track day bro! Maybe some rally racing while you're at it. That'll do
  10. CompuNurd

    ANS 700

    Couldn't you just pick it? I mean, I have a Q950 and the lock doesn't look any more complicated than a cheap Master lock. Probably 5 minutes with a paperclip and you're good to go. You're going to need a tension wrench and pick, which can be made with a paperclip or hairpin. There are plenty of videos teaching basic lock picking and how to make the tools on YouTube. Once you get it open you can either leave it unlocked or buy another lock assembly for it. This is probably going to be a lot cheaper than a locksmith making a house call and cutting a new key.
  11. CompuNurd

    Wife twisted my arm into buying an SE/30

    I second this.
  12. CompuNurd

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

    A set of capacitors is around $10-12, probably less if you bought in wholesale from Mouser. With the proper tools (air compressor, hot air gun, proper soldering station, etc) it takes me about 30-45 minutes to do a board, maybe less. I have moderate soldering skills and can usually re-wire lifted pads to their proper locations, but I lack good diagnostic skills if there are issues besides capacitors. I've considered doing a few boards for people, but I am always afraid I will break something that isn't mine. Just my $0.02, albeit a little off topic.
  13. CompuNurd

    Macintosh (1984) chrome finish

    I painted the inner chassis pieces of my SE/30 black, but the chrome looks so much better! How does one go about chrome plating a chassis, anyway?
  14. CompuNurd

    SE/30 A/B Capacitors

    I am currently working on my SE/30 and recapping the PSU. I would like to replace some, if not all of the capacitors on the analog board. I see a few bright green and bright blue capacitors on the board. Could this be indicating that those are high frequency capacitors? If anyone has a list of the values or any suggestions that would be appreciated.
  15. CompuNurd

    Compu's Conquests

    I finally was able to get the board out and tested a few hundred points of continuity tonight. I ran a few wires but haven't tested the board yet since the PSU has capacitor failure. In the meantime, I thought of a few visual modifications to make inside the unit: -paint frame black -paint hard drive and floppy caddies black -paint PSU outer casing black -add cable sleeves to all cables -paint inside silvery coating (color to be determined) Basically, turning this thing into an SE/30 hot rod! What do you guys think? I am hesitant on painting the inner silvery coating on the case as I feel that might make it "less original" if anyone really cares about that.