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  1. @Kai Robinson cool! He has a great channel, and seems like a cool guy! I have one of his calendars that he was selling for charity last year hanging on my wall @Phipli just noticed that! nice little easter egg
  2. Did you send off one of your boards to RetroManCave? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4HD1jvzuS8
  3. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    yeah, I was surprised when he sent me the pictures of it, and even more surprised when he checked both and they were in good shape!
  4. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    And the final part of the G4 setup, a friend was at Goodwill and texted me that they had 2 Apple 17" LCDs in box for $75 total. Looked online and that seemed like it was a good deal, especially in the box, so I had him pick them both up for me. First one works, haven't tried the 2nd one yet
  5. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    I got a ZIP bezel for the G4 above, makes it look so much nicer. Also cleaned up the labels on the top. ZIP bezel was $10 on ebay, someone has some new-old-stock ones https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-PowerMac-G4-Graphite-CD-Zip-Bezel-600-7441-A-922-3966-Replacement-Part/371985524880?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. Torbar

    Possible Conquest: MacTable

    Oh man that's cool! Good luck
  7. Torbar

    HD not found on 2 Color Classics

    there was a whole argument on one of the Mac Facebook groups about this a couple of months ago. Some guy had a dead Quantum drive, popped it open, there was a plastic piece that was locking the head, if you wiggle it the drive works for a couple of days, and then stops again, and he was asking if it was safe to either remove the plastic piece, or make it so it stays out of the way, and posted a pic of the drive cover popped up, and people freaked out. "This drive will never work again now that it's been exposed!". "You should have sent it off for data recovery", like, people were thinking this was his main hard drive on his main computer or something? whole thread was a mess But yeah, I've gotten older drives to work again, lots of times seems like either the platters or head gets stuck. But I have ones that I've popped open years ago, got working, and they still work. Do it in a fairly clean room(not like, a woodworking shop or anything), don't touch the platters directly, close the drive up as soon as you can, and obviously don't keep anything important on their without a backup.
  8. Torbar

    is https://www.macintoshrepository.org/ down?

    I was able to successfully reset my password with it. You may have luck emailing info[at]macintoshrepository.org since thats where the password reset email comes from, not sure if anyone actually checks that mailbox or not
  9. Torbar


    What country are you located in?
  10. Torbar

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Your project was shown on the latest Adrians Digital Basement video(4:13 in)
  11. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    I can't give away my secrets! It was Clearing House Estate sales. https://www.auctionninja.com/clearinghouseestatesales/ But the actual pickup was Silver City Auction House in Meriden, not sure if they're owned by Clearing House, or partnered with them, or what. Facebook knows me well enough that I get ads for electronics auctions when they do them Last year I bought a couple of rackmount Sony Betacam decks from them doing a liquidation of some kind of production company in Bristol(you can see the decks in the background of the iMac picture above). I have a couple of music videos on Betacam tapes that I came into my collection a couple of years ago, so those decks popped up at a good price so I nabbed them. Yeah, the G4 is in really good shape, and the hard drive sounds healthy.
  12. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    Do I need another G4? Nope Do I have room for another G4? Nah Do I have a use for it? Not really But I got another Powermac G4 today. A local auction house was having an online vintage electronics auction, not much that I was interested in(mostly audio stuff/some tubes), but I spotted this. Bid on it, ended up getting it for $30(after fees/tax it was like $38), auction house was on the way back home from my work. 733Mhz, 512MB RAM, 40 gig HDD. Not sure if the ZIP drive works or not since I don't think I have any ZIP disks anymore. There's someone on ebay that has fairly cheap zip bezels, so I'll probably grab one of those at some point My current main OS9 machine is a G4 400mhz, so this will be a nice upgrade from that(Not that Duke Nukem 3D really needs it). It was running OSX Server Tiger on it, it was password protected, booted to single user mode and it seems like there was nothing interesting as far as files/applications, so installed 10.3 for now, and will eventually install 9.2.2.
  13. Torbar

    How to connect Roland SC-88 to my Macs?

    What are some Mac games that are MT32 compatible? I currently have my Roland synth hooked up to my Pentium PC for DOS games, but I do have an Apple serial to MIDI interface too
  14. Torbar

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    The SCSI2SD V4 uses a 7406 which are <$1 each, maybe that's a possible alternative? Looking at the datasheet it appears to be able to sink 48ma https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/texas-instruments/SN7406DRG4/296-48954-1-ND/8635017
  15. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    Was good to meet you to! Hopefully whenever is safe to do so we can do some kind of actual meetup. Not sure what to do with it yet. I think I'm up to 4 iMac G3s now, I might try to recreate this keynote demo (on a much smaller scale) with my G4 tower acting as a server