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  1. Torbar

    Corroded Chip

    That's really cool! I'm guessing the machines connect to the Mac with a Nubus expansion card?
  2. Torbar

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Cool! I'm the one that posted the 50 pin connector version of the other scsisd clone. Cool to see that there are at least a few people with projects in the works for SD storage on old Macs
  3. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=58413 Here's a working link, the "friendly url" links are still messed up so old links in the forum/google results are broken
  4. Torbar

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    That is cool, good work! as far as I know, you're the first person with actual results of it working Did you happen to post something in a comment on one of the vintage Mac facebook groups yesterday on a topic about scsi2sd clones?(Yesterday someone commented they were working on a RASCSI project and is working on getting the CD emulation working)
  5. Torbar

    Personal Grail Conquest: Payphone. Yep. :D

    Ever been to The Sanctum in Meriden? https://tothesanctum.com/
  6. Torbar

    Mac Plus or Mac SE?

    Pop out the thing in the middle, and then I usually use plyers to squeeze the end things together as I pop it into the board(if that makes sense)
  7. Torbar

    3D Printed Floppy Gears from Shapeways

    Had 3 gears on my desk so I figured I'd post a couple of pictures. Gray one is Stephens design, printed on an Ender 3 pro with a .2mm nozzle, the best one I managed to print White one is his design ordered from Shapeways yellow one is an original gear So the yellow and white one appear to be pretty close as far as the teeth go, vs the gray one, the teeth aren't as deep, and probably not as strong(not sure what happened in the one side of it where some teeth are pressed in) (the first picture is taken using a 10x jewelers loupe)
  8. he said in the post "Aside from the given 128k and 512k models" And technically, the Imagewriter II isn't a Macintosh
  9. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    Finally got a Floppy Drive/Floppy dock for my Duo 270c that I've owned for 10+ years. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-HDI-20-1-4MB-PowerBook-Duo-Floppy-Drive-and-MicroDock-Adapter-M8061-M7781/322658401677 Guy on ebay has a whole bunch of them, the dock I got was a Newer Tech floppy microdock, still sealed, which was a nice surprise.(not sure if they're all sealed or not). Drive/dock work perfectly, so It'll be nice to be able to get software onto/off of my Duo, and the drive is pretty loud so I'm sure at some point it'll need a new drive/scsi2sd.
  10. Yeah, I noticed that one yesterday at some point looking through auctions. The missing nuts I wouldn't think much about, since I've had some come out over time, but that case is interesting. Especially that "Macintosh Performa" looks to be screen printed, and then below it "Performa 475" looks like a sticker. I dont think it's a prototype necessarily, but it seems like it's a very early run of it
  11. Torbar

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    While we're on the subject of crappily packed eBay Macs, I've been fortunate on the couple that I've bought over the years(a Performa 410 last year, and a 12" RGB monitor a couple of years ago, both were packed pretty well), but this reminds me of like 12 years ago, a dude had a Powerbook 150(I think?), and a Powerbook Duo(not sure the model, some kind of color model) for sale, listed as untested since there was no power adapter, parts only. They looked to be in good shape, so I bought them. They weren't an amazing price, but it was a fair price. I get them, and it was in a giant box, with a few packing peanuts thrown in, and nothing else, so the 2 laptops were just smashing against eachother for the whole trip. The Duo screen was shattered, and the other one was just completely destroyed. I message the guy and he keeps saying they're sold as broken so he's not going to do anything about it. I leave him negative feedback saying that the items weren't packaged well at all, he responds to the feedback calling me a scammer, an idiot, that I bought something listed as parts expecting it to be working, then a few days later messages me and says that he'll refund me my money if I take down the feedback. Got my money back, and ended up buying a screen off of someone here and got the Duo working, The other one was in bad enough shape that it got scrapped.
  12. Torbar

    Apple Development Team testing tool?

    JTAG isn't just Macbook(or even apple) specific. it's basically a protocol to test/program/verify circuit boards, so it could be something for an laptop, desktop, iPhone, mouse, monitor. Basically any PCB with a microcontroller on it
  13. Torbar

    MAC SE/30 with orange colored CRT

    A while ago I swapped the CRT in one of my SEs with a amber one(from a piece of medial equipment of some sort) to move the original CRT to my SE/30 with screen burn in, and it had the same issue with the anode being on the wrong side/the pins being upside down. I ended up just extending the cables that go to the board at the end of the tube, so I could keep the anode cap on the right side of the Mac for easier discharging
  14. Torbar

    Transplanting 9-inch CRTs - A Journey

    in another thread a few people said that it could cause the CRT to implode
  15. Torbar

    SE Revival

    I didn't read the full thread so idk if you tried this or not, but can you ping A2server? open command prompt, type "ping a2server" and see if it responds with anything If not, log into your router, see if you can find DHCP Leases, and find the one for the a2server. Once you find that, connect to it as \\ipaddress\a2files (\\\a2files for example)