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  1. NJRoadfan

    Apple Hard Disk 20SC Restoration / Update

    Because they are essentially HD images. There was no official specification for ProDOS partitions on a CD-ROM, so its really just a raw dump onto the disc. There are Macintosh HFS CD-ROMs like this too (no ISO-9660 file system present on the disc). Apple later created the ISO-9660/HFS hybrid format to allow cross platform readable discs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_disc
  2. I think small letter has larger margins, as in the printable area of the page is smaller.
  3. Finally found the link to all the early LaserWriter and CX service information: http://beefchicken.com/retro/laserwriter/ Full parts catalog in Japanese and English!
  4. NJRoadfan

    Which printer should I get?

    If its a JetDirect 615n (looks like the card that came with these originally), it'll be a dud. They ALL fail. The one that came in my color Laserjet 3700dn crapped out after a few months. I baked it and it ran for another year. Finally crapped out for good and I replaced it with a JetDirect 635n.
  5. NJRoadfan

    A very late 040

    I think 3.5 is PPC native (I have it on my 6100 too), so benchmarks aren't going to be directly comparable.
  6. NJRoadfan

    Apple Hard Disk 20SC Restoration / Update

    GS/OS can read ISO9660 discs provided the HS.FST is installed. If using Apple's SCSI cards, you need to install the SCSICD.Driver in addition to SCSI.Manager and SCSIHD.Manager. RamFAST cards just need the RamFAST SCSI card driver (found onboard the card's ROM drive) as that handles both hard drives and CD-ROM drives in one driver.
  7. It should just "boot". The autostart ROM on the Apple II just scans slot 7 down to slot 1 looking for a boot device. Maybe the ROM is bad on the card? A standard PR#n should attempt boot as well.
  8. NJRoadfan

    Does anyone here actually have a DoubleUp Board?

    Not open, just one that had an available hardware chip. Stac marketed accelerator cards for use with their Stacker disk compression software for ISA and Microchannel slots. Seems that was extended to NuBus as well.
  9. NJRoadfan

    System Software uses 125,072 of 131,072

    You need to enable 32-bit addressing in the memory control panel.
  10. NJRoadfan

    Which printer should I get?

    The PPD file for the LaserJet 4100 series will add a duplex checkbox to the LaserWriter 8 driver. Used color lasers can be found for less then $600, you just have to be patient and wait for the right one to come along. For $600, you might as well buy a new one! Just keep in mind that these printers, including the 4100dtn, are VERY heavy. Shipping is going to be expensive, and likely sent freight depending on the seller. Something that you can locally pickup would be preferable.
  11. I would keep to speeds of 9600baud or lower for testing, mostly because many Mac to RS-232 serial cables are not wired correctly for hardware handshaking. Once you know the cable is working, you can try higher speeds.
  12. NJRoadfan

    Which printer should I get?

    I'd say the bigger problem with the low end printers is that the consumables cost a lot more. Gotta make up for the cost of that cheapo printer by selling more razor blades.... eh toner.
  13. NJRoadfan

    Which printer should I get?

    The CLJ2600 is a "host based" printer and requires special drivers that speak the "Jet Ready" raster language. Same can be said for the cheaper siblings of the 3000 series, the 3500 and 3600. The CLJ 3000 series seems to have been marketed to both home office and bushiness segments. Its not nearly as big as the 4000 series color printers, only uses 400w, and is FCC Class B certified. Its hard to avoid the power draw when running due to the fuser needing heat. Some of that figure may be surge capacity for all the motors turning on at once, I haven't checked with a Kill-a-watt meter.
  14. NJRoadfan

    MacSD - new SCSI SD card emulation tool

    It depends on what SCSI card is in the Apple II. The Apple made cards (Rev. C and the High Speed SCSI) should be "fine" provided that a device on the bus provides termination power as Apple's cards don't provide it without modification. The RamFAST SCSI card is the tricky one. It uses a not-so kosher implementation of SCSI where the controller does not assign itself a SCSI ID on the bus. This has been known to trip up actual hard drives in the past.
  15. NJRoadfan

    Which printer should I get?

    My recommendations for B&W lasers is usually going to be the LaserJet 4000 series (aim for a 4100, its newer and faster than the 4000 and 4050), but avoid the 4200 and newer. All have EIO slots that take networking cards. For color lasers.....well that depends. I personally have a Color Laserjet 3700. Not the worlds best constructed printer, but its been cheap to run and isn't nearly as big as the 4500, 4600, or 4700. Its got oodles of legacy compatibility though, parallel port, USB, and a EIO JetDirect card. Biggest problem I've had with it is the image transfer belt streaking, but thats a consumable part anyway. All the above printers have PostScript 3 emulation, and HP PCL 5e/5c and PCL 6 support. The CLJ3700 can even print PDF 1.4 files directly. All work "out of the box" with Macs, just need the PPD files for the LaserWriter 8 driver. If you happen across an older Canon EX engine printer like the HP Laserjet 4 or 5 (not the smaller P models), I wouldn't turn it down. They are tanks too, just be sure to get the "M" versions with Postscript, they usually have JetDirect cards in them with Ethernet and LocalTalk too. Apple's version of the EX was the LaserWriter 16/600 PS (has Ethernet, needs AAUI adapter), along with the earlier LaserWriter Pro 600 and 630 (no Ethernet). Funny how the HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw came up. I was looking at it last week when my 3700 started to act up (Error 59.99, I fixed it by blowing out the insides, dirty sensor!). Before I forget, if you do look at used color lasers.....make sure they come with toner! It really saves you a bundle. Any reasonable seller will be more then willing to run off a supplies status page. You don't want to invest a new set of toner into a printer that is in an unknown state of repair.