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  1. NJRoadfan

    How to connect Roland SC-88 to my Macs?

    The SC-88 supports direct connection to a Macintosh via the 8-pin MiniDIN port, no additonal MIDI interface needed. Just plug it in and see if it works.
  2. NJRoadfan

    Macintosh IIvi and IIvx and Performa 600

    Gotta love how they cheaped out on the sound chip on a "multimedia" focused platform. This despite shipping machines with stereo 8-bit audio since at least the Macintosh II.
  3. NJRoadfan

    Large volumes in a 68030

    The later "outrigger" beige PCI PowerMacs use the same rails.
  4. NJRoadfan

    A very late 040

    At one point I had both a Performa 600CD and a IIvx. Both appeared identical inside. For a while that Performa 600 was my only Mac (this was around 1998ish) and it was still just as slow as my friend's was back in 1993. It worked "good enough" as a bridge machine for reading 800k disks though. Eventually it got replaced with a 6100/66 that I still have.
  5. NJRoadfan

    A very late 040

    IBM was using the same strategy in the early to mid-90s and it worked to an extent. On paper, an IBM PS/2 was a pretty lousy deal given most were crippled with a 16-bit bus and 24-bit RAM addressing limit thanks to the glorified 386SX designs (486SLC) most of them used. Your average clone running a real 486DX and local bus video ran circles around them. IBM's own PS/1 and Aptiva lineup for the home did too, but businesses weren't buying them, they were directed (forced?) towards the cash cow PS/2 line. Eventually the jig was up thanks to Dell, Compaq, HP, etc. but even IBM adapted in the mid-90s with the more reasonably priced PC300 series.
  6. I have a Transwarp GS plus a RamFAST Rev. D SCSI card. Currently does DMA to a fully populated 6MB Applied Engineering GS-RAM+ in a ROM 01 machine. Just a note about testing RAM disks, DMA is only possible to the first 4MB of RAM on IIgs RAM cards due to motherboard limitations. The built-in RAM disk firmware will allocate from the top of memory downwards, so you'll have to make a RAM disk larger then 4MB to use any DMA-able RAM.
  7. NJRoadfan

    NeXTStation Video Problem

    For black and white monochrome on VGA, send the mono signal to R,G, and B signal pins for white.
  8. NJRoadfan

    A very late 040

    Part of the problem is "at the time", the Performa and LC series were dog slow out of the box. My elementary school had a bunch of LCIIs and a friend of mine had a Performa 600CD back when it was brandy new. Both were absolute dogs in terms of performance in stock configuration and with the factory install of 7.0/7.1. The main reason why the LC was created (along with the IIe card) was that Apple was losing the lucrative education market to PC clones. Many school districts such as the one I attended had classrooms and a computer lab filled with Apple IIs of some sort. Those Apple IIes stuck around until 1994 (my high school had a few IIgses floating around until I left in 2000!) When it came time to upgrade in the late 80s, many went PC due to cost (even the "budget" IIci was expensive). I know of one district around here that went all Mac and I recall seeing IIcis in their main office back in 1997-98, so they got their money's worth. As for my district, the LC IIs (and my first exposure to Macs) were a trial purchase of 7 machines with the IIe card. Their last big Apple II purchase was in 1987-88 and they were looking to refresh the computers in the classrooms and lab. Eventually they went PC in 1993 with Ethernet deployment to classrooms (using Banyan VINES!) and the main computer lab finally saw retirement of the Apple IIes in 1994.
  9. NJRoadfan

    Is PhoneNet better straight, or crossover.

    Regular RJ-11 patch cables are "crossed over", they flip the tip and ring wires. Analog phones really don't care, don't know about PhoneNet.
  10. NJRoadfan

    A very late 040

    Another theory is that it was a swap-out warranty replacement. Given they had an extra logic board in stock, its entirely possible since the cases were still being used in the 6200 series. A lot of "late" production Powerbook 100 series parts came from warranty replacements (like my 165 that bbishoppcm took apart).
  11. NJRoadfan

    Treasure trove of floppies

    If there is a "LaserWriter Installation Disk" dated 1985, that would be something to archive (driver would be earlier then 3.0). The original release of the LaserWriter driver seems "lost" for the moment.
  12. netatalk's PAP printing should work "out of the box" with the LaserWriter 8 driver. The bigger issue is compiling netatalk on recent Linux distros as it requires patches for using more recent OpenSSL libraries and patches to compile against anything newer then CUPS 1.5 if you want printing. Both have been solved and newer versions of CUPS have the added benefit of supporting driverless printing to AirPrint compatible printers. I have been working on getting netatalk's printing working with something older then the LaserWriter 8 driver. I finally got it working with the LaserWriter 7 driver if you are running an older Mac that can't run LaserWriter 8 for some reason (usually RAM), and the Apple IIgs LaserWriter driver. Support for LaserWriter 6.0 and older isn't happening due to the extensive work to capture and handle the LaserPrep header those drivers require pre-loaded in the printer (7.0 and newer embed it into print jobs automatically). You can run the LaserWriter 7 driver on System 2.0/Finder 4.1 if you really need to!
  13. NJRoadfan

    Pc/Generic equipment that works in an old mac

    -Standard ATX power supplies work with the Beige G3 motherboard provided you set a jumper on the motherboard correctly. -3Dfx Voodoo 1 and 2 cards work in PCI PowerMacs provided you have the drivers installed. No ROM needed on these cards since they are 3D only. -A wide variety of ATI video cards can be flashed with an OpenFirmware ROM to work in PCI PowerMacs -A wide variety of storage (SATA, PATA, and SCSI) PCI cards can be flashed with an Open Firmware ROM too. -Any printer with a serial or USB interface and available drivers can be used "as-is" on a Mac. Parallel printers can be adapted with something like an Orange Micro Grappler (which also emulates ImageWriters).
  14. NJRoadfan

    Portable with 7.1: where's the contrast?

    You should be able to use the Portable Control Panel in System 7. I think that's how its setup on mine anyway. I think the Portable battery meter works fine as well.
  15. NJRoadfan

    Arcade Adapter for Mac*Man

    Best bet is above, dissembling the game's detection routines. Annoying, but doable. Being that you can't send data out the mouse port, it can't be too complicated.