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  1. snuci

    Apple Development Team testing tool?

    That was the first thing I tried. That link is likely on an intranet as it doesn't work publicly. You can configure an IP address via the front panel. Here's a picture of what comes up when you point a browser to it
  2. snuci

    Apple Development Team testing tool?

    I think it might be anything with an ARM processor but I am not sure. It has a built-in webserver and it comes up named as an "Astris Debug module" with configuration screen for an "Astris: Remote Jtag Probe" with additional configuration screens for front and back serial ports. I need to hook something up to see what it can do.
  3. snuci

    Apple Development Team testing tool?

    Got it. It's an Astris prototype tool. Searching for "Astris" brings some interesting functionality just for a cable but there is no info about this particular box and the URL on the PCB must be internal only.
  4. snuci

    Apple Development Team testing tool?

    Yes, it does have USB and I think I can make out a date of 2000 on the short board plugged into the front.. Looks to have Ethernet, USB and 9-pin serial? The short board also has pins for RX TX and GND. I cannot make out the name on the board but it's something like SW0... V0.3 and it is copyright Apple. So it is made by Apple.
  5. I am guessing this is some form of testing tool. Anyone have any idea what it might be? It's stuck in shipping so who knows if/when I'll get it. It's an Apple Development Team "black box" The person I got it from had no idea what it was either so no clues there.
  6. snuci

    A Bit Of A Rarity

    @OldMacGuy I recently restored my Lisa 1 with dual Twiggy drives just this past weekend. You can see a quick demonstration and hear the variable speed Fileware diskettes in it below. Stepleton helped me out with my Lisa and would be a great help but if you need someone a little closer, I am in Canada at least. I'd be happy to back up the Fileware diskette in BLU. I could also take a look at the drive, if you wish and try it on a Lisa, if it's compatible. I would suspect it is but I'd have to take a closer look at the top/bottom boards. I don't know how to add a YouTube link without it embedding the video here so here is my quick video.
  7. The reputation of Twiggy drives wasn't good to begin with. I figured I'd just go with whatever someone had already tried and thought was okay. He noted that even other 3m DS/HD diskettes with different product numbers didn't work well. It's a picky drive given it's non-standard requirements.
  8. It was recommended by James MacPhail to use DS/HD 3M diskettes and the particular brand/product noted below. In addition to this "bad" floppy, I also have "Lisa Office System 1" and "Lisa Office System 2" diskettes recreated by using BLU on my good Twiggy drive. I used those diskettes to install Lisa Office System on my X/Profile. James wrote via this LisaList post, "The one that had the highest success rate for me is 3M brand with UPC 51111 12883. It is a grey box with gold stripes labelled "DS,HD" "Formatted IBM"; 10 in a box. (There are other 3M DS,HD floppies in a very similar box with a different UPC that didn't work as well.)" I found and am using these ones. My Lisa OS 1 and 2 diskettes took several retries, doing a little more each time until it could format the diskette fully in one pass. After that, you could format the disk in one pass with no issues (usually). I am not sure if it is the pre-formatted 96 TPI that causes this because Twiggy uses 62.5 TPI) but I have not tried any other diskettes. My very first diskette attempt was bad but the three afterwards were fine. I am not sure if the first disk was bad because I did a terrible job the first time, because there was a slight kink in the cookie because of my "butter fingers" or because I started with two non-functioning Twiggy drives that damaged the diskette. Long story short, DS/HD work well for me.
  9. @10001001sos The hand-cut edges are fine and it does hold up as a working replica. I am restoring a Lisa 1 and you can see it working here with one of these hand-made disks even though the particular disk I am using for testing has a bad track somewhere in the middle of the disk (because of the amount of times I have formatted and tried different things on it). My other Twiggy drive needs an IC (on order) so the Lisa 1 should be fully working soon. http://vintagecomputer.ca/goodtwiggysounds/
  10. Old topic but I did make a 3d printed template to make Fileware/Twiggy disks. Works great.
  11. Thank you. I didn't want to post what I thought but I see how you came up with that was what i was thinking but could it be something up stream of the memory or does the "04" lock it in as a memory error for sure? g10 = 2000 g6 = 0200 f9 = 0010 f8 = 0008 f6 = 0002 F5 = 0001 Thank you!
  12. I am usually pretty good at deciphering these Sad Mac codes but this one is kinda complicated for a Mac 128k with original board. Is this multiple memory chips or perhaps something else?
  13. snuci

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    I don't have a PCB contact in China so that works for me Thank you!
  14. snuci

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    @maceffects I was going to look into ordering a small batch for anyone else who might want one too but if you'd like to do it, I'll purchase one of yours. Thank you.
  15. snuci

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    Thank you @Bolle Much appreciated!