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  1. Plasticoat

    Apple IIGS

    Thanks for all your help so far, I’ll keep this thread posted, this ones going to need a lot of hours of graft and few quid throwing at it.
  2. Plasticoat

    Apple IIGS

    Thanks for the advice. am I to understand that Apple II board (any model) do not suffer from leaky caps and are generally tough . just need to rig up a battery compartment that’s slightly less hassle. can anyone help with a SCSI card , anywhere other than eBay that sells 80s computer components.
  3. Plasticoat

    Apple IIGS

    Hi, I purchased a IIGS pre lockdown, and in a few weeks I intend to start work on the unit. so I’m prepped I thought I’d ask you guys with more experience than me what to expect? the unit has issues but I’m not sure where to start. im more used to classics and classic II s. just fancied a change, here is a pic of the first issue, just to get me going thanks in advance
  4. Plasticoat

    Colour classic

    Hi, first time poster here. i recently acquired a Mac colour classic, for resto. Non booting and in a bad state of repair. long story short.. I have now managed to get the classic to start, and have replaced all the caps on the logic board. when soft started from the key board, there is a nice loud bong!, green light says go! tha fan starts, and screen comes on, then nothing. The original HDD has been removed as it was dead. But shouldn’t the screen eventually show a flashing disk icon? Mouse cursor.? i sat it for 30 mins. Hoping , but just a grey screen. any help would be really appreciated . Thanks