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  1. haemogoblin

    B/W G4 + Canon IP7200 & OS x 10.4?

    Not sure how i'd go about compiling it for 10.4
  2. This is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone knew if it were possible to get a Pixma 7200 printer working with OS x 10.4. The earliest OS is seems to support is 10.5, both with Gutenprint and the official Canon website. Is there anyway I might be able to compile a useable driver from a linux driver? I'm picking at straws i know. But I've been using my B&W since the lock down and managing quite well, until today when i wanted to print something out.
  3. haemogoblin

    SCSI2SD Issues

    Thanks, I literally ordered mine a few days ago. As my hd is showing its age. I'll check that link out for hints and tips.
  4. haemogoblin

    SCSI2SD Issues

    Not pleased to read this, I recently bought one. I really hope I didn’t just waste the better part of £70 If mine doesn’t work right it’ll be returned, setting up a hard drive on a Mac shouldn’t require so much messing around.
  5. haemogoblin

    Recapping a Compact Mac

    The parts list can’t hurt! It will be handy to have. Its a relief to hear the Plus is through hole. The Classic worked 6 months ago, but I stuck it in the attic while I was reorganising things in the house. Think I best bring it down and take a look.
  6. haemogoblin

    Recapping a Compact Mac

    So I have 2x Macintosh Plus 1x Classic i was wondering how involved recapping them is. My experience with Commodore Amiga’s and caps, is that it’s better to recap before they start to fail, as it will avoid unpleasant cap leak. Is the same true to these old macs? I’ve not looked, but I seem to recall the Plus being through hole. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I just thought I’d start a discussion as I’d like to get a better understanding of what I might be facing. I’m ok with a soldering iron, just not done much with SMD’s, through hole I’m totally fine with. Potentially I have a friend who could recap them for me, but I’d like to see if I can do them myself first.
  7. haemogoblin

    Compatible Replacement Screen for PB 180?

    I have letterbox on mine, making it practically unusable
  8. haemogoblin

    Compatible Replacement Screen for PB 180?

    My PB has tunnel vision, I'd be ecstatic if there was a replacement.
  9. haemogoblin

    PowerBook 1xx series screen question

    Would the 145b fall under this?
  10. haemogoblin

    PowerBook 1xx series screen question

    Thanks for the reply, yeah I’m probably being a little generous when I say 2hrs. But yeah, about an hour tops before I’ve serious black borders around all four corners. I’ve been giving serious thought to sticking the lcd panel in the oven. But it will only do it again, unless the screen gets sealed. It’s a pity nobody had found a way to replace the screens.
  11. Hey guys I currently have a PowerBook sat gathering dust down the side of my desk, it needs a recap but more importantly it suffers with tunnel vision. Which is why I don’t use it, I would really like to, but after 2-3 hours typing, the corners of the screen have blackened by an inch inward towards the centre of the screen. As there isn’t a fix for this issue (Yet!), I was wondering if there were any of the 1xx series of laptops that didn’t suffer from the dreaded letter boxing. Cheers!
  12. haemogoblin

    128k Macintosh board is it worth much?

    Hi Guys Two points I'll bring up now, before we go any further. 1. I shall take some photo's of the board, probably a good idea you all see it first. It's dusty but certainly not in bad condition. I'd feel fine installing it inside a system, if it weren't for the fact all of mine presently work. 2. I shall package it up (best I can) for overseas shipping. UK to Germany will most likely be the cheapest, but I shall find out shipping for both Germany and State side. Obviously the first person who voiced interest has first dibs, I think we can all agree that is fair Give me a little while as my Birthday is coming up in the next day or two and I don't fancy spending it in a queue at the post office :-P That might pass as excitement for some brits (we do like to queue) but not this guy. Will report back soon as I can! Thanks to everyone who replied In the mean time if someone would like to suggest a price for the board that would be great, I flatly refuse to look at fleabay prices as they are hardly ever reflective of the true value. **Mods: I'm aware this thread might have drifted in to something more suited to the "For sale" section of the forum.
  13. haemogoblin

    128k Macintosh board is it worth much?

    Well if my location isn't a dead give away, I dont know what is :-P I might offer it up on the UK LEM list, it seems wrong to just throw it to recycling.
  14. I was gifted an original 128k Macintosh logic board, I've no idea if it works or not and frankly I've no intention of stripping down my Plus to find out. It goes against my better judgement to recycle it, so I thought I'd ask for opinions. Is it worth my time trying to sell it? or should I just get rid and make some room? I have a terrible habit of hording old parts and I'm trying to cut the habit and keep just what I need. I have one good Plus and one spare, for it ever the days comes when the other develops a fault.
  15. haemogoblin

    General question about B/W Powerbooks and their screens

    So the 140, 145 etc dont suffer from this because they use a passive screen? Is it possible to reseal the screens and how?