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  1. cheesestraws

    Duo 280c Re-Cap

    Yes! It’s always good to see something come back to life. Well sleuthed!
  2. That's much later revisions of the standard than FireWire 400. FW400 => 400Mbit
  3. cheesestraws

    512K(e) Online

    It's not that bad a throughput, given that you've got two sets of encapsulation and very small packets going on. How fast do you get over AFP/DDP?
  4. Different units. FireWire 400 is 400 megabits per second, ATA-100 is 100 megabytes per second. 1 byte is 8 bits, so 100 MB/sec is 800 Mbit/s
  5. cheesestraws

    Corroded Chip

    This is really interesting. Thankyou for sharing the pictures with us. I think your use case is one of the most interesting of anyone on these forums.
  6. You're quite right, apparently I just can't read. Ta
  7. Oh, and: Here's a photo of that area on my board, though my main connector is labelled J11 (do we have a different board revision?) If my eyes do not deceive me, that's 3.3k?
  8. I am both up for this and in the UK (I gathered from your spelling of 'arse' in the first post you might be over this way, and the £s confirm it), if that makes shipping of boards easier? I have a dead SE board that has suffered a mild battery explosion and I think all the chips ought to be salvageable.
  9. cheesestraws

    cheesestraws' conquests (cheesequests?)

    If I remember correctly, they're more "traditional" network devices, in that they're mostly concerned with doing packet-level stuff and doing it well. I'd love to get a FastPath, maybe one day I'll find one . It'd be interesting to see whether there's a performance differential brought on by the GatorBox's "do everything" approach.
  10. cheesestraws

    512K(e) Online

    See, this is the bit I'm envious of . Very nice setup.
  11. This would be fun. I am very likely interested.
  12. cheesestraws

    cheesestraws' conquests (cheesequests?)

    And here's the gatorbox in context at the bottom of my rack. It's not a permanent addition there (yet), but I've got it plugged in ready to try out transatlantic AppleTalk networking with @lisa2 , which is going to be cool! It's over in the rack away from my LocalTalk stuff (sigh) because I'm hoping to get some packet captures or at least metadata using port mirroring on that switch, and the little switch on my desk doesn't have that feature. (I always think network equipment looks really cool with all its lights going, but perhaps that's just me)
  13. cheesestraws

    Corroded Chip

    asking questions is almost never a bad idea, especially when you want to know about systems you're relying on . I didn't mean to sound at all dismissive, so I hope I didn't — perhaps more I should have said "I would be surprised if 'acting a little odd' was a result of CPU damage, but I wouldn't absolutely rule it out'.
  14. cheesestraws

    Corroded Chip

    I stand to be corrected here, but if the CPU were noticeably damaged, I'd expect rather worse than 'acting a little odd'
  15. cheesestraws

    Corroded Chip

    The one labelled MC68030? That's the CPU.