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  1. Mighty Jabba

    Mighty Jabba's Conquests

    I finally got a PowerMac G4 MDD to "complete" my collection of the major tower designs from the 9600 to the G5 (and cheese grater Mac Pro). It was "untested" so it was a bit of a gamble, but it turned out pretty well. Initially it wouldn't turn on because (I discovered) someone had removed the hard disk and RAM from it. But I borrowed a stick of RAM from my G5, plugged in a Firewire drive and it booted right up. It was listed as a single 1Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM, but turned out to be a dual 1Ghz with 0GB of RAM, so I guess I came out ahead? It also has an Airport Card. I think I have an extra hard drive that I can put in this, but is there any problem just using the 1GB RAM stick I took out of my G5?
  2. Mighty Jabba

    WHAT FONT? "can't wait to get out of that bag"

    Well this thread took an unexpected turn
  3. Mighty Jabba

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    It's possible that prices were unusually low during the period when I was actively looking and now they have gone back to normal. Either way, I guess I'm glad I got most of the stuff I wanted at that point.
  4. I started collecting PPC Macs in earnest just a few months ago, and one of the main reasons I decided to essentially go all out and get all of the ones I had wanted back in the day was that they were extremely cheap. But I’ve been following the prices since then and it seems like they have increased significantly. The titanium PowerBook G4 in particular has sold for really high prices. One went for $535 on eBay recently, which I figured was some kind of fluke (it also surprised the owner, who mentioned it on Reddit), but others have gone for more than $200 as well. Pismos also seem to be going up, with one selling recently for $200. I also haven’t seen a cheap iBook clamshell for a long time. I thought I would ask people who have been paying attention to this for longer than me what they thought. Have you guys noticed the same thing? Is this just part of the natural ebb and flow of prices or does it represent a lasting increase in prices for these machines?
  5. Mighty Jabba

    I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    This was quite a necropost, but I’m kind of glad since the photos at the top of the post were pretty epic. I’m so glad these got saved
  6. Mighty Jabba

    My compact Mac-themed birthday party

    Since I've been restoring a lot of older Macs recently, I decided to have a compact Mac-themed birthday party. I brought along a couple of them for people to play around on, and we used the SE on the right to play a three-player game of Jeopardy, which was pretty fun. My sister made up some Mac-themed sugar cookies that I thought turned out really well. One of my presents was a "1984" pillow from Throwboy. Unfortunately, as I was preparing for the party, my Mac Plus with a Gemini Systems accelerator (my fastest system and the one I had been planning to use) stopped working. The screen froze up and when I tried restarting I no longer get a chime and instead get garbled video. I have yet to work up the courage to recap a normal Mac, so I'm not sure I'm up to fixing an upgraded system like this.
  7. Mighty Jabba

    Questions to ask when buying a compact Mac on eBay?

    Most people selling these things on eBay seem to know almost nothing about them, so I think it's probably a bridge too far to ask a normal seller to open up the case of one of these computers. In the end, it's always a bit of a gamble. I've bought many computers sold as not working that turned out to be just fine when I got them in hand, or they only required very minimal troubleshooting. But others have been hopeless cases where I basically lost money on the deal. I would think an SE would be significantly more risky than many other models, but for $100 maybe the risk is worth it (assuming you think you are capable of recapping it).
  8. Mighty Jabba

    My Macintosh Portable adventure

    Very nice. Getting a working Mac Portable is a long-term goal of mine, but it is kind of intimidating.
  9. Mighty Jabba

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    I'm thinking that the term dementia was not commonly known at this point or I can't believe that any company would name their product Dimensia. Then again, there is a mechanical keyboard called Dierya, so what do I know?
  10. Mighty Jabba

    Found my old Mac in my parents' storage!

    Interesting that it's a Plus but has the keyboard from the original Mac.
  11. Mighty Jabba

    PowerBook 520c Score!

    So you're the one who outbid me... I have a 520 that I can't get any signs of life out of, so I guess I was reluctant to go too high for another untested one, but I'm glad that it worked out for you.
  12. Mighty Jabba

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    By the way, I didn't mention it in this thread before, but I did manage to get a fourth "non-working" Tibook a while back for just $12.99 (not sure how they choose these prices sometimes). When I got it in hand, it was the lowest-end 400mhz version but it looked almost mint. And it turned out that disconnecting the PRAM battery allowed it to boot right up. This is another way that batteries are a big weakness for computers -- so many older Apple portables have trouble starting up without a working PRAM battery. It makes me sad to think of all of the computers that might have been thrown out because they were "broken" when in fact they were just sort of... confused. This Tibook in particular still had all of the previous owner's files on it. Turned out he was a Harvard professor who had passed away a number of years ago. There were things like book manuscripts on there that I can't bring myself to delete.
  13. Mighty Jabba

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    Batteries are the Achilles heel of all portables, whether it's the swelling problem (which I have also had multiple times) or just not being able to get replacement batteries anymore. You can actually still buy (what are apparently) new batteries for things like the clamshell iBook and Tibook, but the makers are essentially using their position as the only suppliers to charge ridiculous prices (around $200). I did however find a source for clamshell iBook batteries for "only" $60 and they actually work quite well, getting around 5 hours of life in my testing. I worry that in 10 or 15 years there will be surprisingly few usable examples of the current generation machines left because the batteries are so hard to replace, not to mention prone to catastrophic swelling.
  14. Mighty Jabba

    Rare Macintosh Plus with Total Systems Accelerator Board

    This looks fairly different on the inside from my Plus with a Total Systems accelerator. I do use mine with an external SCSI2SD and really like it. It's my go-to compact Mac because it's easily the fastest one that I have.
  15. Well, I've managed to boot KanjiTalk 1, KanjiTalk 2, and KanjiTalk 6 on my Mac Plus. The first two versions seem very stripped down (they can run from floppies, although they require some disk swapping during boot-up just to load the Japanese fonts). So although I was able to boot them I couldn't actually accomplish much with the system. There weren't even any keyboard preferences that would allow you to use the kana keyboard layout, which makes me think that what is available for download online may have been more like simple boot disks and not what people were actually using to run their systems. KanjiTalk 6 is also available on the Macintosh Repository and comes on a number of floppy images, so it feels more like a real OS, but of course you need to run it from a hard disk. This took a little doing because I'm still not an expert at using SCSI2SD, but I got it running from one of my SCSI2SD disks, and it seems to be running fine. I was even able to try out typing using the kana layout on the keyboard above, which makes me feel like a child just starting to learn to type. One thing that struck me right away is that the system font is a lot bigger on the Japanese system. I've used Japanese Mac OS before and didn't really find this to be the case, but I'm guessing that because the screen resolution on compact Macs is so low, they had to boost the font size so they could fit in all the details of kanji characters. Even at the bigger size some of them are very squished together and hard to see. I'll post a photo later. I'm still trying to figure out things like software compatibility.