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  1. Wow, just stumbled across this thread today - never heard of M.A.C.E before but it looks really cool! I knew of the Reclassification project, but that's been dormant on GitHub for a while and was never beyond planning / alpha-quality. It's great to see such great progress in this area! My interest is firmly with HyperCard - I maintain the "HyperCard Stacks" collection at the Internet Archive, with over 3,500 stacks added so far. (This uses a JavaScript port of the PCE emulator, to allow the stacks to run in-browser). I'm curious as to what the final business model for something like M.A.C.E is? Do you plan to open-source it? Or will it be a paid (commercial) offering?
  2. danda

    Treasure trove of floppies

    I am the maintainer of the HyperCard Online project, and over the past three years have got over 3,500 stacks running online in the browser (thanks to hosting and help from the Internet Archive). I've built an online uploader for anyone to add their own stacks to the collection - if you find any stacks, I'd love it if you uploaded them so I could add them to the collection.
  3. Not really - the rollers are inside the rear flap of the LaserWriter, so it's not exactly a very photo friendly place! The printer's also in storage at the moment, but from memory, I used thick-ish foam double sided sticky tape, and stuck the rubber band to one side of it, before carefully sticking the other side to the rollers. Very much a (working!) bodge job!
  4. I'm glad there's more of us! ArmorAlley - you'll know this from reading the thread, but you should open the hinged door at the side of the printer with the manual feed input, and see what condition your rollers are in. My LaserWriter upgraded to Plus had them go all sticky, and my Plus had them go all hard, so I'd be interested to see what condition yours are in. I haven't done much with my two in a while (aside from having many saved searches on ebay looking for a reasonably priced toner cartridge), but I did manage to (after a lot of tries) stick some cut up rubber band bits onto the rollers, and to my surprise, it works! I'll obviously want to do a proper repair in the future, but that shows that the rest of the LaserWriter works fine.
  5. danda

    Baroni’s Collection

    I think the "if there's enough demand" might be an issue here. While there are quite a few people with IWIIs and a fair demand for the DB19 (not just from 68k macs), the number of people with original LWs/LW pluses, or the original LaserJet/whatever the Canon machine was that took these, is going to be fairly low I imagine (although I'd be delighted to know I'm wrong on this!). There are always a few on ebay for around $50, and while they do sell I'd be (pleasantly!) surprised if there's enough demand to justify the quantity a factory would need to make. I have wondered how possible it would be to take the imaging drum (which for me has been the usual point of failure, creating ghosting and other issues) out of a new cartridge and put it into an old one. The technology can't have really changed (can it?) so if one of the right dimensions was found, maaaaaaybe it would work? Thoughts?
  6. danda

    Baroni’s Collection

    I've not had much luck with NOS unsealed toner for my other laserwriters, so I've always been reluctant to spend the higher prices on the 92285A. The picture you posted is of the separation belt - the small plastic strip with the spring on the end. There's a little bit of info on this in the owners guide - which I can't seem to find online, do I can send you pictures if you want? This is rather crucial to getting the paper through it unharmed - and it's a consumable part, but impossible (imo) to find new ones any more. I'm not quite sure which roller the stick black mess in the photo has come off - but I can have a look in mine and post pictures if that would help.
  7. danda

    Baroni’s Collection

    Odd about it not showing up, I've got both of mine (Plus and original-upgraded-Plus) to show under the original LaserWriter drive, and the "LaserWriter 8" driver. The jams caused when using the paper tray are caused by the degrading of the paper pickup rollers. I've had two variations of this problem. The first involved the rollers turning to sticky goo. For this, I cleaned it all off, and then (this took a while!) stick double sided sticky tape on them, and then a rubber band onto that. This isn't a recommended fix - but it's been working for more than 5 years like that now! The rollers on my second LaserWriter have hardened rather than softened, which means they just slide over the paper rather than gripping it. I'll probably take this one apart and fix the rollers properly, now that I have the service manual and take apart instructions for it. Where did you get the toner from? I'm guessing you got a HP 92285A rather than an Apple original? I'm having a hard time finding a toner cartridge that's in any way usable.
  8. Hello danda

    In looking for a forum concerning Apple LaserWriter printers, I came across your posting –

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment


    Why? I have a LaserWriter Plus that has remained unused, stored in an indoor closet for the last decade or so – I had previously been using it in conjunction with an even-then-ageing Mac PowerBook . . . that is, until the laptop ‘packed up’. At that stage, to meet work-related requirements, I started to use a PC laptop – so the LaserWriter Plus has remained unused, though fully functional when it was put away.

    Unfortunately, having been working abroad and then largely away from home (for the bulk of the intervening period), I no longer have access to an Apple laptop to test whether the printer is still fully operational.

    Is this LaserWriter Plus printer an item that you would be interested in? – either as a working item (if I were able to get it tested) or, failing that, for parts? I live in Perthshire. Kind regards, CraigO


    1. danda


      I've just sent you a private message :)

  9. I also think mine was upgraded, or more likely was bought as the Plus model, as the manual I have for it is the "LaserWriter and LaserWriter Plus" one. (I've actually never seen a manual just for the original LW.) Taping rubber bands on did actually work for a bit, at least until the tape failed and they fell off! What I'll probably end up doing is taking the rollers out and properly gluing some new rubber onto them. The corona wire that's snapped on mine is actually the one on the printer, not the one in the cartridge. But as I mentioned, replacing it *should* be easy once I have the LW disassembled.
  10. I have a LaserWriter Plus that is in "semi-working" condition, so I thought I'd list the faults mine has. The rubber on the paper pickup rollers has deteriorated into sticky gloop which means it usually doesn't pickup paper from the tray any more - so you might want to have a look at yours to see what condition they are in. The corona wire to attract the toner off the toner cartridge drum has snapped - this annoyingly happened in the last couple of years or so as I was moving it, but it seems corona wire can be bought online so I should be able to repair that. The separation belt (the small plastic belt with a spring on it that guides the paper through the printer) has snapped - not unexpected as it was listed as a "common fault" in the manual, but a bit annoying as I've been trying to find a replacement belt for a couple of years now but to no avail! If you're looking for the service manual, a kind member on here (can't remember who off the top of my head) gave me the service source HyperCard stack for the LaserWriter/Plus which has detailed interactive takeapart instructions, pm me if you want it. And lastly, if you are thinking about getting rid of one/some of yours, I'd be interested in a couple of parts (mostly the pickup rollers and separation belt if they're in acceptable condition, but also the input/output trays as I'm missing them).
  11. danda

    Original 1990s Service Source & Supportools

    Thanks @olePigeon, I didn't realise you had already shared it! I've run it through HyperCard Online (one of my little side-projects) and so it is up now on the Internet Archive and can be run directly in the browser. It is actually a really useful little stack for debugging issues like sad mac error codes. The list of viruses, including background info and how to eradicate each, is also a useful historical reference. Thanks for sharing! P.S. When I uploaded it, I just put in a bare-bones description and very little metadata based on your original post. If you want me to update anything on the stack's page, let me know and I can change it. (For instance, I don't know when this was released, so haven't yet filled in a date for it).
  12. danda

    Original 1990s Service Source & Supportools

    Oh wow! I'd *love* to get a copy of that SupportTools disk and HyperCard stack for my ever-growing online emulated collection (now nearly 3,500 stacks). Any chance you could make an image of that disk and send it to me?
  13. danda

    eMac saved from an e-recycling bin

    The nice thing about that eMac is that it is a later revision, so supports up to 2GB of RAM (the older 800Mhz ones only support 1GB). These things are a pain to do any serious upgrades to, but the RAM is very easy to upgrade (just a panel on the base).
  14. danda

    White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    As far as I know, you can actually still download apps for iOS 4.1 even if they've been updated to only work with higher operating systems. (I've done this many times with an iPod touch 4th gen in iOS 6). This assumes, of course, that the app did once have a iOS 4.1 version published on the App store To do it, you need to use iTunes on your computer, download the app you want, and then connect the iPhone to the computer and sync it. If everything goes well, you'll see the app appear on the home screen in the "Installing" state. When the sync has finished, long-press on the still-installing app, then delete. Then go to the App store on the iPhone, and try and download the same app. You should get a notice saying "This app isn't compatible with your device. Would you like to download the latest compatible version?" and when you say "Yes", the app should download, and install fine.
  15. danda

    Testing an old Rodime Hard Drive

    OK, I've connected the hard drive to a PSU and powered up. Unfortunately nothing happens (can't hear the drive spin up at all). However, the fan speed of the PSU does decrease, which it also happens if a normal IDE hard drive is connected. Do you think it's safe to test in a Mac?