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  1. Will work with a Mac SE/30? From some of the research it looks like the apple cd sc 600e won’t work. Do I need to stick with the 300e or earlier.
  2. You still have the Apple 600 cd drive?   I am interested.   I am however unfamiliar with Stripe.

    1. bakuDD


      Hello, Stripe is a payment processor for credit cards, etc. You don't need to sign up for it, just give me your email and I'll send you an invoice there.

    2. NECyclone



    3. bakuDD


      I've sent the invoice. When you pay please tell me your name and address so I can send it out Monday (I leave on Tuesday.)

  3. NECyclone

    Non parity modules on SE/30

    Question? If you have 128md installed but you don't have an upgraded ROM, and Mode 32 is off, will the Mac SE/30 still start up and at least run? Thanks.
  4. You don't happen to have Windows on your Mac with bootcamp? Or Windows running under something like Parallels on your Mac. I say this cause I had your same problem but now use the program Macdrrive under Windows and its worked quite well for me.
  5. NECyclone

    CJ's miscellaneous finds

    I certainly understand.
  6. NECyclone

    CJ's miscellaneous finds

    Nice. Would you be interested in selling the Color Classic?