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  1. Wow that is great! I'd love to hear more about your Dev environment, shared code base between Amiga/Atari/Mac, how you achieved it etc.
  2. dr.diesel

    LC/LCII/CC 68030 accelerator cloning

    Thanks, I'll have to find one of those.
  3. dr.diesel

    LC/LCII/CC 68030 accelerator cloning

    On an accelerator side note, wonder what it would take to get one of these Amiga Vampire 600 V2s working on an 040 machine? https://wiki.apollo-accelerators.com/doku.php/vampire:v600-v2:start Did anyone make an 040 socket (not PDS slot) cache expansion card? I'd like to re/create one of these for my Q605.
  4. dr.diesel

    nubus cache cards

    Did anybody ever make a processor socket cache card for the Q605?