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  1. dr.diesel

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Yeah that takes all the fun out of it. MicroMac shows a CPU socket Quadra cache card, only 128k, I suspect they were quite rare as I've never even heard of one out in the wild. https://www.micromac.com/products/quadra_cache_cards.html
  2. dr.diesel

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    The standard Motorola 040 datasheet doesn't mention or outline how an external cache is wired/configured. Anyone have any such documentation? I had thoughts of making a CPU socket card for my Q605.
  3. The datecode, 0823, indicates it was manufactured in 2008? Were 5v 040s even produced that late?
  4. dr.diesel

    A very late 040

    Are you running yours at 25Mhz? An L88M running at 40Mhz might run that hot at idle. But I agree, it sure looks genuine.
  5. dr.diesel

    A very late 040

    If the CPU is at idle reading upper 40sC, then it's for-sure not a L88M, mostly likely a 0.8um XC.
  6. dr.diesel

    A very late 040

    My old XC at idle runs about 48C with the cover off and no heat sink. I've read here somewhere that the L88M runs cool to the touch at idle, no heatsink?
  7. dr.diesel

    A very late 040

    Has anyone ever found one of the ~2000 or so L88M mask 040s? I'd be very curious to test the heat output vs my Q605 XC 040.
  8. dr.diesel

    A very late 040

    Please post a pict of the board once it arrives (for chip dates), also curious would be the 040 Mask ID!
  9. Wow that is great! I'd love to hear more about your Dev environment, shared code base between Amiga/Atari/Mac, how you achieved it etc.
  10. dr.diesel

    LC/LCII/CC 68030 accelerator cloning

    Thanks, I'll have to find one of those.
  11. dr.diesel

    LC/LCII/CC 68030 accelerator cloning

    On an accelerator side note, wonder what it would take to get one of these Amiga Vampire 600 V2s working on an 040 machine? https://wiki.apollo-accelerators.com/doku.php/vampire:v600-v2:start Did anyone make an 040 socket (not PDS slot) cache expansion card? I'd like to re/create one of these for my Q605.
  12. dr.diesel

    nubus cache cards

    Did anybody ever make a processor socket cache card for the Q605?