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    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Hi folks! I've been following the development of this RaSCSI since it was ever released in Japan about 3 years ago. It has been such an interesting project to follow! I even ordered the Japanise Gimos version directly from Japan through an expensive shipping service couple of years ago. Luckily I was able to order the latest version of the RaSCSI board to Finland directly from Tindie. Thank you, guys! Btw, I've got some issues with RPi 4, the RaSCSI board (Gimons version and others) doesn't seem to work after I have updated the RPi's firmware and Linux kernel. But with RPi 3, and with an older firmware, the board works okay. Has anyone aware of some compatibility issues with the latest RPi so far? Let's see how it is going to work with the akuker's RaSCSI board...