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  1. Exactly which pivot card are you using? If the IIsi version, mouse movement issues can happen if the jumpers on the card are not set correctly.
  2. joethezombie

    Baroni’s Collection

    It seems to me "newer" devices work just fine without the black beauty, but earlier ones do not. For instance, my AppleCD 300 is not recognized unless the special black terminator is in place.
  3. joethezombie

    My SE/30: w/ Turbo 040, ROM-inator, Ethernet and 8.1

    There’s a DayStar support document around I can’t seem to find right now, but I believe 4.11 brings System 7.5 support and fixes something with Virtual Memory.
  4. joethezombie

    Treasure trove of floppies

    Awesome! And subscribed!
  5. joethezombie

    Total Systems Magellan 040

    Recently acquired a Total Systems Magellan 040 in an old SE/30! So this accelerator is a rebrand of the Donoho Design Tokamac SX. Unfortunately, I could not find drivers for either of these accelerators online, and the drive that came with card was not working. But I think we can overcome that issue. I ripped off the cover, freed the jammed drive, and was able to make a full backup! I recovered the Magellan 040 Companion 1.7 files, which include: Fixit 040™ 1.7 SwitchMatic™ 1.7 QuickSANE™ 1.7 Companion 040™ 1.7 After testing, I will post the files for everyone that has one of these accelerators to use, as I'm sure there's a TON of you guys out there .
  6. joethezombie

    Value of Umax PowerMac Clone

    A UMAX C500 @ 200MHz was listed last year at $115 BIN with a make an offer option. I remember it on my feed for quite a while, but don't recall if it sold or was just eventually removed.
  7. Hey guys, anyone following this should check this out: @hyperneogeo is building some of these modules right now, so please don't wait around... get 'em while the gettins' good! I don't have a lot of memory chips, and my source has stopped replying to my inquiries after I thought we had made a deal...
  8. Hi @dougg3, Thanks so much for designing these. The only place that would do 1.27mm boards was allpcb, and it took a bunch of emails, a special setup, and it more than doubled the price of the PCB. I'll most likely limit sales to 4x16MB per individual so everyone can at least get a bunch of RAM. If there are leftovers, I'll do a round two.
  9. Oh yeah, the fabrication plant I used was able to create proper boards. I haven't had any problems with reliability. I've built 8 complete sets of 128MB now, and all have worked fine in my two IIfx testbeds. It's conceivable that I could have received some on the very low end of the scale at 1.17mm, which would be below threshold. So far, out of the ones I have built, they are all .050" exactly on the micrometer across the fingers. I did use 2oz copper, I wonder if that makes the surface copper layers thicker? About Rominator, I have 3 of them, and have never had to use tricks to get good contact. SIMMs should have a tolerance from 1.19 to 1.37. Standard fabrication tolerance is ±10%, so if BMoW used 1.2mm substrate, he must have received some batches on the bottom of that tolerance scale. I should measure mine.
  10. joethezombie

    SE/30 and Asante ethernet card issue

    Oh I see, we posted at the same time. Perhaps some RAM above 8MB has gone bad? Try cleaning the contacts maybe, or try other sticks. edit: hmm, well maybe not if it runs okay after a reset. Weird.
  11. joethezombie

    SE/30 and Asante ethernet card issue

    Have you checked voltages while booting? Do you have a spinning HDD in there? Long shot, but it could be the draw on the motor plus the network card in combination pulling the voltage low. Has anything been recapped?
  12. joethezombie

    Need help desoldering SE/30 RAM SIMM connectors

    Yep. Chip Quik. That's what I ended up using, solely on the ground plane pins. There are other tricks you can use, such as pre-heating the area with hot air, but be careful... you can bubble the circuit board.
  13. joethezombie

    JackHammer in IIfx no boost in perfomance

    What SD card are you using in your SCSI2SD? A slow one will absolutely limit your performance. I will pull out the IIfx and verify my settings perhaps this weekend.
  14. joethezombie

    IIfx | IINTX 64-pin SIMMs

    Yup, I have sourced a fair amount of NOS compatible memory chips and have several PCBs and a stencil ready for a few baking sessions. I don't like the idea of destroying DEC memory modules, so sourcing unused specimens is difficult. I've gotten most of my Mac stuff out of storage, and should have a quite a few of these to offer soon, many thanks to Doug Brown.