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  1. equant

    Stuffit Magic Numbers

    A little luck, but not a lot. You can reliably tell the difference between "5.5 or later" or "pre 5.5". I found this to be a useful distinction when browsing archives. I implemented it into the RetroBridgeBBS interface so that I can tell (when browsing online archives) if the file I want to download is compatible with my machines running system 6 or early system 7 software or not. https://github.com/equant/RetroBridgeBBS This shows the basic idea of predownloading just the file's header, and then determining if it's old or new Stuffit. sit_patterns = [ [b"^SIT!", "StuffIt pre 5.5"], [b"^StuffIt", "StuffIt 5.5 or later"], ] headers = {"Range": "bytes=0-200", 'User-Agent': USER_AGENT} header = requests.get(self.url, headers=headers).content for p in self.sit_patterns: r = re.compile(p[0]) m = r.match(header) if m: print(f"File is archived with: {p[1]}") Getting a more precise version out of an archive is certainly possible, but it wasn't worth the work to me.
  2. equant

    170 Power Adapter

    Ok thanks. The adapter works with my other non-170 powerbooks, so I guess 170 is dead. I'll put it in the queue of powerbooks that need attention. I've got to stop buying these things!
  3. equant

    170 Power Adapter

    lowendmac says that the 170 uses a "power supply: M5140 – 15W, 2 amps". I have a M5651 which is 7.5V/2.0A. Stretching my math skills to the limit, I calculate that it's 15W. The connector fits the 170. However, with this adapter my new 170 of unknown condition won't boot. I'm guessing it should, but is there a chance that I'm wrong and that it won't work with this adapter? Thanks.
  4. equant


    Info-mac files now grab the file description from the abstract.txt file....
  5. equant


    Oh yeah, I forgot about the download limits. That might move it to the end of the list to bring online.
  6. equant


    It's nice to hear some positive feedback, thanks. My linux box doesn't have serial, so I'm using a usb serial adapter. The one I'm using is made by Kensington, but I've ordered a few cheap ones of Amazon to see if they work (I suspect they will). I also have a null modem adapter. If you have a newton with the pc transfer cable, this works great as it's got the minidin on one end and DB9 on the other and has the null-modem part built in too. Yeah, I think this would work, but I haven't tested it yet.
  7. equant


    Lol, yeah... In fact, I really didn't mean to replicate a BBS when I started... I just wanted an interface that automated the host-side of things (I was doing a lot of wget, miniterm transfer only to find out I couldn't uncompress the .sit file). But then my little script grew out of control. It turns out that there is modern BBS software that will run on linux and run doors. You probably know this since you run a BBS. Anyway, I probably should have started with that, or what I've done should just be a door for any BBS to add. Oh well. I also ran across a blog post from someone talking about how people love to re-invent the wheel and write BBS software badly from scratch. Count me as one of those fools I guess. Small Updated: The infomac archive is now browsable and downloadable using RetroBridgeBBS. It's rudimentary, but I really wanted to get it working since so much of Macintosh Garden requires Stuffit 5.5 and I'm using mostly machines that prefer the earlier stuffit compression. I plan to add file descriptions and a search for infomac in the next few weeks. Opinions Wanted: What online archives, or even individual webpages with links to files, are there that people rate highly for mac software? I plan to add macintoshrepository.org, the umich archive, Max1zzz's Classic Mac Server, and archive.org. Any that I'm missing?
  8. equant


    Just a small update. I've been refactoring the code to make it easier to add online archives. That's mostly finished. You can now upload files from your classic computer to the BBS. You can type in the url of a page that has files on it and DL them via serial. I've added the "Savagetaylor.com: Setting up your 68k Mac blog" webpage that was recommended to me in another thread as a good source of useful downloads for people getting started with a new mac. I'm working on the infomac archive now. I hope to have that working soon, and then I'll add UMich.
  9. equant

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Very exciting, they look great!
  10. equant

    cheesestraws' conquests (cheesequests?)

    Mmmmmm. Love it.
  11. equant

    8 Pin MiniDIN to USB?

    Yeah please let us know if it works for serial... I've looked at those and wondered if the yaseau pinout is what we'd want and if it is null modem or not.
  12. equant


    I've been working on this for a couple weeks now. It's not perfect, but I think it's at the point where it's useful. If you can connect your old mac to your modern PC using a serial cable, then you get this sort of pseudo-bbs interface that lets you download and upload files using X/Y/ZModem. You can search macintosh garden. It even tells you if the *.sit files are compressed using 5.5 or later or a pre5.5 version of stuffit. https://github.com/equant/RetroBridgeBBS I guess I just decided that it would be more fun to search for apps and download them this way. I was right, but I have no idea if anyone else will feel that way. I'll use this thread to think out loud, and if people want to complain about it, or get help using it, that would be great.
  13. equant

    68kMLA Forums API?

    Oh, you are... but for some reason it says you haven't logged in for many months. Ok, well I'd love to either implement a client that runs on old macs, or add an interface to my RetroBridgeBBS project so that someone could browse the forums with their old computer using a serial connection. If there's any chance of getting access to an API, that would be great, but I won't get my hopes up. I appreciate you looking into it.
  14. equant

    68kMLA Forums API?

    Well, I found the "staff" page, and it looks like @Bunsen and @wthww are active administrators... maybe one of them will chime in?
  15. equant

    68kMLA Forums API?

    I did see that. But I couldn't find any info in the 68kMLA forums or wiki about getting a key, so I'm pretty sure it's not turned on, or at least not advertised. I think it would be nice to browse and post to 68kMLA on my old Mac.