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  1. bibilit


    Yes in 2012, but to be honest very few services were still available at that date. Yes again: https://medium.com/@cq94/re-creation-annuaire-electronique-minitel-fb59a843e86c Even using the real thing https://www.journaldulapin.com/2017/09/24/serveur-minitel/ The Minitel was said to have been an inspiration for the Macintosh (the CRT is the same size, casing has a proper handle and vents are all around) I have got a Djinn by the way, cute but useless...
  2. bibilit

    SCSI2SSD for Macintosh Portable?

    Ordered a couple a few years ago, worked fine but the setup was bulky. I ended up making my own cable using a SCSI cable and connector + molex on one side and PC floppy drive connector on the other.
  3. bibilit

    Re-capping IIsi problems....

    All psu rails are present ? Egret chip bad or contaminated ? rom issue ?
  4. A broken trace somewhere ? i will have a look at continuity first between ram chips. Piggybacking can also help.
  5. bibilit

    Macintosh 128k replacement went (almost) perfectly!

    the original board is pretty useless and if you are limited to the internal drive only, even more. Was already true when new, that's the main reason so many were upgraded at some point, from a 512k board swap to the Plus upgrade later on. Today, for the sake of originality, and price value, the downgrade is the way to go. As so many Pluses were produced, and still are relatively cheap (compared with an original Macintosh) having both of them is not a nonsense.
  6. bibilit

    Macintosh 128k replacement went (almost) perfectly!

    Not just ram chips... The upgraded boards i have seen before have been modified in a way or another (cut traces, 74LS253 chip added...)
  7. bibilit

    Apple II plus video issue

    Hi MECC inspector. I still have your parcel, now that the Covid issue is under control I will send it back. Concerning your keyboard, the connector is weak, any broken pin ?
  8. bibilit

    Apple II plus video issue

    So, found the issue, my hunch was right, both in the video generation circuit and ram location. With the help of the Apple II reference book I located the bad 74LS283 chip. The Apple is no longer displaying the video issue and booting fine.
  9. Looking for help, i have an Apple II at home, many issues, including bad Ram and bad Rom...still have an issue (ram and Rom was replaced already) probably in the video or ram neighborhood as both are connected, the issue is visible because a portion of the video is displayed twice. See picture where the same first line is displayed twice (remaining part of the display was the Rom issue now fixed) unable to boot any disk also
  10. The Egret should be cleaned properly on both sides (logic board and chip itself) not an easy process, sometimes heating again after adding fresh solder on all the legs is the way to go. Also, there is a small chip nearby to remove, clean and refit as well.
  11. bibilit

    Macintosh LCII Restoration

    Great !! i love my own LC topper, probably the only CRT I have kept. One cap on those is known to go bad often.
  12. bibilit

    Macintosh LCII Restoration

    So was fixed in the end ? what was the issue ??
  13. bibilit

    Opening Powerbook adapter

    Never had any issue with that trick. Two screwdriver rods, one on each side and a good vice is all that is required. Two minutes job.
  14. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=54957 probably something like that.
  15. bibilit

    SE 30 - Bad Picture - Need advice

    I agree a 100% with Bolle, replace capacitors first and clean the board, you are lucky you have got sound, even faint. But something else is wrong for sure. Yes having sound is a good sign, meaning that most of the board is working ok, but capacitor's fluid is shorting things around and probably the issue here. You are lucky to have this first generation board with the socketed CPU, don't wait too much.