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  1. IIfx

    A very late 040

    If it’s hot, it’s probably not an L88M and it’s a reseller fake with the original markings wiped off the top.
  2. IIfx

    A very late 040

    Well, it isn't a Performa 630. It's a 6320CD. No idea how this happened, somehow the seller wrote "Performa 630", the photos showed a Performa 630, but the computer front panel says 6320 and the logic board is a 6320. The serial number matches what was in the listing. Totally confused. The seller seems to be as well. I don't mind it that much, I think I have a random Q630 logic board somewhere. But completely crushed the 96 630 isn't really a thing. Weird thing is there is a P630 with plastic just as good as this 6320, supposedly. So, performance of the "Permafrost" 6320CD - it isn't anywhere near as bad as LEM claims. It actually seems to be peppy. It has the original install of 7.5.3 Update 2.0, the original owner seemingly used the system for a year and then never used it again. 16mb RAM and a 1.5GB hard drive. Really not bad for an Amelio era re-bundling of a Spindler era machine. It was probably dirt cheap when new.
  3. IIfx

    A very late 040

    The front case is labeled Permafrost 630CD, so I assume this wasn't a 62/63xx case swap. Exited to have it and take a look inside.
  4. IIfx

    A very late 040

    I bought a Performa 630CD on a whim off of eBay. The price was low ($70 total) and the case looks immaculate. Why? The manufacturing date on the back is oddly late for a 68k, 6/20/1996! Deep into the reign of Gil Amelio and the PowerPC era. Was it an oddball product of clearing old inventory? Possibly. A refurb? Also possible. The fact that the case was common to the 6200/6300 probably made it even easier to keep putting out 630's for those customers that demanded a 68k. It's possible Apple just had a huge overstock of 630/640 logic boards and used up the stock rather than taking a write off. Whatever the case, having the AV setup in it will be neat. Fingers crossed that the plastic was no longer sourced from the 1993-1995 supplier. Will post more info - attached a photo of the back posted by the seller.
  5. Probably need to replace capacitors, start with the axial ones that are deeply involved with power delivery on the motherboard.
  6. I'm interested in a set of 4 - still possible?
  7. IIfx

    Daniël's Conquests

    Glad you found that tidbit potentially useful. The cooling design of the 6100 is barely sufficient. Once you add a hot card (486DX2 or a G3/G4) it will cross the thermal threshold under load. Age has made these less stable, with leaky caps. I recapped mine and it's now super stable. 6100 is a good machine but it isn't perfect. It's a representative pizza box system of 1994, along with the SPARCStation 4/5 and SGI Indy. All of these had their benefits and their target markets. I'd say a 6100 is most fun with the PC Compat card. Otherwise it makes a good 93/94 era Mac gaming machine. Nice finds - the 800, the G3, and this will make a great pair.
  8. The IIfx is a wonderful machine, hope you will get many years of enjoyment from it! You lucked out as your board is 100% SMD Tantalum. Most IIfx boards have two of those cursed cans in the upper right corner by the PRAM batteries. Nice Radius vidcard with the photobooster. I have a similar card but with a separate Photobooster on its own Nubus card.
  9. Apple used Maxell from the factory, and they leak acid in an explosive fashion. Fresh PRAM is a very good idea to preserve the system regardless of battery make.
  10. !!! Is that PRAM battery a Maxell? If so remove it ASAP. The red color drew my attention. Those leak and destroy the logic board. congrats on getting the SCSI2SD going
  11. IIfx

    Recap Uh-Oh

    I had the same thing happen recapping my 6100, just a single dry joint with minimal solder not actually making a solid connection. always feels good when something broken comes back to life!
  12. IIfx

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    The Apple custom ASIC to the left of the Zilog serial controller might be a goner, but fingers crossed you can save this system!
  13. I would think the slightly higher voltage would be OK if you load the system up with expansion cards. The IIfx PSU barely cuts it when you have tons of high power cards installed. .10 over is within tolerances, although kind of on the hot side. Monitor ASIC temps and make sure no chips are burning hot.
  14. IIfx

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    Did you try cleaning the contacts on the board? I would get a can of electric contact cleaner from an auto parts store and clean every slot on the board. I've had weird issues like yours go away from that treatment.
  15. Just sharing a neat thing I ran into today working on my 6100. PCI slot blower fans fit perfectly under the HDD cage without any Velcro. It's a snug fit so the fan will not move. This drastically improves airflow in the system, blowing cool air over the 601, Cache, and PDS expansion card. I think this would be a valuable way of extending the service life of these machines. These 601 chips get hot. If you throw in a Houdini 486 card the system becomes an absolute inferno. More cool air should stop the chips from cooking themselves to death.