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  1. I’d buy these off you, but shipping might be prohibitive. I assuming your files can be used by board fabricators anywhere?
  2. Got it. So, not that it would have a deleterious effect, but that it might not work as well.
  3. Not to totally derail this, but MacEffects, why would you recommend against it?
  4. Really? I figured it was simply a way to stop top-heavy capacitors from pulling on their joints too much. Maybe my hot glue gun doesn't cut it...
  5. Analog glue blobs are just the nature of the beast. If you really were picky, just use clear glue.
  6. LaPorta

    File/disk exchange Windows <-> Macintosh

    I'm sure that works well, too. I just figure there is always an off chance that some ancient copy of Stuffit is sitting on any said machine, and having the archives in original format would just make it easier.
  7. I have enough spare board/parts to probably put together a working one of these. We would have to build a parts list for all those odds and ends that we don't really know what the heck are (or, in my case, have no training to know what they are). Have you nailed down how much one would cost?
  8. LaPorta

    Corroded Chip

    We’re a pretty friendly forum, no question is dumb. Capacitor change as suggested would be your first step towards figuring it out.
  9. LaPorta

    Possibly Awesome Haul Tomorrow

    MacEffects makes the feet. I bough some from him..they are incredible.
  10. LaPorta

    Analog board test spare overhaul

    Filter, yes, that perhaps too. The thing I don’t get is why there is a green ground wire, like others that have the ground embedded in it, that is clipped on both ends (the copper nubs at the ends), and the actual ground wire is soldered directly to the ground terminal of the power cable connector. Did someone mod this thing to just bypass the ring, or what happened here?
  11. I’m overhauling a Plus analog board to be the rig for my test stand. Previous owner said it didn’t work. I’ll recap obviously in case it is just that. I noticed something I found peculiar: I’ll admit, I never really understood what this iron ring with wires is except to maybe generate a magnetic field? However, I’ve never seen it with clipped, disconnected ends. Is that normal?
  12. LaPorta

    Question: 128k/512k and 800k drive

    Even more helpful. I’ve got plenty external 800ks like that.
  13. LaPorta

    Stuffit Magic Numbers

    Another good idea is for everyone to make StuffIt 1.5.1 archives for everything under System 6, etc...
  14. LaPorta

    Question: 128k/512k and 800k drive

    That I can do, thanks. I’ve got enough of those Plus ROMs around. I’ve got a few 400ks now as well, but none have been cleaned or set up so the ROM swap would be easiest.
  15. I’ve got a bunch of 128k/512k MBs that I’m going to try and resurrect for other’s machines. To test them, however, I was wondering if it would be possible to use an 800k drive with 400k disks, or if the IWM on the logic board won’t be able to run the drive at all.