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  1. LaPorta

    PB Duo schematics?

    So far what I heard back from the curator was that the vast, vast majority of what they have is there in physical storage and not scanned. I am awaiting to hear how one accesses the main documents in person, but with COVID it appears the campus will be closed for a long time with no chance of looking things up. However, the possibility exists for one of our CA friends here to be able to peruse them someday and perhaps obtain schematics for everyone.
  2. LaPorta

    Macintosh 128K Sad Mac Error Code 047A80

    The actual pin assignments do not seem to match up. Below is a diagram of the actual RAM chip socket pinout from the 128k/512k schematics that are available. As you can see, they do not match up. I looked a while for a solution, but I got too busy a month or so ago and never found one. Maybe we can find a solution now.
  3. LaPorta

    Macintosh 128K Sad Mac Error Code 047A80

    I need to do this, too, but the chips I got from Jameco were NOT pin-compatible with the old ones, and I was never able to get them to work. Here are the chips I tried: https://www.jameco.com/z/4164-150-Major-Brands-64KX1-DIP-16-DRAM-150NS_41662.html
  4. LaPorta

    PB Duo schematics?

    Well, I emailed the curator with an inquiry as to any schematics or technical documents. We will see.
  5. LaPorta

    PB Duo schematics?

    That would make sense. He canned every product line and spare part for prior machines. I'm going to peruse those...
  6. LaPorta

    PB Duo schematics?

    They are all in a massive vault behind Cook’s desk at Apple.
  7. LaPorta


    Well you can certainly jigger something to output to a TTL type deal, and from there you could convert to VGA and whatnot with off-the-shelf converters. Plus, I am dead set on having a stash of good CRTs sealed away somewhere so I can be the last one running original macs :P.
  8. Now that is truly one rare machine. Hold onto that!
  9. LaPorta

    Quadra 660av speaker ticking

    Has it been recapped? Sound issues such as those could be bad sound filter caps.
  10. LaPorta

    MacSD - new SCSI SD card emulation tool

    This would be great. A single SCSI address emulator with a card you can partition via the software formatters is all most of us will ever need.
  11. LaPorta

    Torbar's Conquests

    Oh my gosh, I can NEVER find anything Apple-related at Goodwill! I have been looking for one of those for years! Nice find!
  12. LaPorta

    SE/30 - CRT Ghosting / bleeding to the right

    3.9 µf non-polar films are stocked by Mouser...I think EU shipping is prohibitive, though.
  13. If someday they no longer have use for those old machines, you know where they will have a home!
  14. LaPorta

    Portable display lines

    I'd love to make an adapter for that port.
  15. LaPorta

    Portable display lines

    Just for future sake...is it possible to ever repair these? Someday we are going to run out of Portable displays...