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  1. glf

    BOXED Shufflepuck Cafe!

    The IIgs version was the best.
  2. glf

    Free Powerbook 5300ce, magazines, and more

    Just for the sake of information, the IDE drives that came with the 5300's were the, 17mm "fatter" 2.5"ers. You can easily stick in a larger capacity 15mm with a bit' o' foam, etc.- that won't cause heat issues, under it, and it works very well. It also seemed that Apple did their best to use the slowest benchmark drives they could in Powerbooks.. why was that?? I couldn't stand the 750mb IBM donkey-cart that my 5300c originally had..
  3. glf

    Free Powerbook 5300ce, magazines, and more

    Yes, I'm rather sure it can. I have a few spare orinoco wifi cards if you are looking for one.
  4. glf

    Network Games for Apple II?

    I think it was relatively common in most school environs with at least a certain amount of cash to have an apple II network. The school district here had Corvus stuff. Google "Corvus Omninet" Ah.. Backup to VCR tape..