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    Wow, that's really cool. That orange plasma display is beautiful.
  2. olePigeon


    I completely missed the advertisement. Was it on Craigslist?
  3. olePigeon

    Possible Conquest: MacTable

    I also assumed they were a quick change. I guess you have to dismantle it to move then panels around. The one in the picture you linked to has them in the opposite direction. Not very useful as a computer desk in that configuration.
  4. olePigeon

    Possible Conquest: MacTable

    The three panels on the front are interchangeable. It's designed to fit perfectly a Macintosh II, IIci, or compact. It also had options like a rollable LaserWriter cubby and matching filing cabinets. It was designed by ScanCo in Denmark.
  5. I was thinking that it might be enough to just know the dimensions of the wheels & rollers that need replacing. Then we might be able to order pinch rollers, wheels, etc. that have similar dimensions, and then just transfer the rubber itself to the existing part. Mine have completely melted off in those two parts. Don't know yet the condition of the other parts. I'm going to have to spend the weekend taking it apart. Fortunately, what little taking-apart I did had mostly the same screws. So it was relatively easy to put everything back together again.
  6. @pcamen I'd need to look at the motherboard. It doesn't have a Plus sticker, that's for sure.
  7. Sounds great. I have a Xante Accel-A-Writer I'd like to try first. I don't know if it works. If it doesn't, the Plus kit would be an awesome backup plan.
  8. @pcamen According to the service manual, looks like it has four roller mechanisms, but one of them is integrated with the fuser. These appear to be fine, just need cleaning. No liquifying. Upper Manual Pickup Roller Feeder Roller Delivery Roller (Fuser) Cassette Pickup Assembly (other Pickup Roller) has odd shaped rubber pieces for snagging and moving the paper out of the cassette (I haven't visually inspected mine yet.) Mine just leaves smears on the paper and isn't actually grabbing the paper. So I'll need to look into it. The parts that appear to have liquified (as pictured) are on the Feeder Assembly and a little wheel on the Cassette Pickup Assembly. Attached is a PDF I made from the HyperCard stack. LaserWriter Take-Apart Manual.pdf
  9. @pcamen If any of your wheels haven't liquified, I'll gladly buy your used ones. Especially the two near the paper sensor as shown in the first picture. Also, when you open a "new" toner cartridge, get a rag or paper towel soaked in IPA. The foam on both sides of the drum cover will disintegrate and fall off, getting into the drum and melting into the fuser. You'll need to clean off the disintegrating foam. Make sure to have the drum facing downward as you clean it so the foam doesn't just fall into the toner cartridge. I guess it's there to keep dust and contaminants out of the drum, but not much you can do.
  10. Herb had a ton of LaserWriter parts from a closed printer shop, but someone bought the whole lot from him. I'm going to email my work's Apple service tech. He's been in business for a long time, maybe he has some extra parts laying around somewhere.
  11. @NJRoadfan It ran one page when I initially got it. Went through the whole song and dance of cleaning the fuser and using rubberizer on the rollers ... only to discover that several of the rollers have completely liquified, including the one that engages the pickup rollers for the cassette. I think it might be impossible to get this going again unless I can somehow find new rollers for it. What a bummer.
  12. olePigeon

    Completed my Apple Upgraded Mac Plus

    I'm confused ... it's NOT playing Dark Castle?
  13. @NJRoadfan Still waiting for it to arrive. Shipping is taking longer than expected.
  14. olePigeon

    3D-Printed Objects

    LaserWriter Paper Stop.stl.zip Made a stopper plate for the original LaserWriter / Plus paper cassette (works in letter/A4 cassette and legal cassette.) I got a legal paper cassette for my LaserWriter, but it was missing the stop plate for the smaller page sizes. So I managed to track down the apparently only image of one from an eBay listing, and used that as a reference image. Then created a new one in Sketchup. Printed it out on a Dremel 3D printer. Reference: 3D image: Stopper in action:
  15. Here's the .stl file. It fits perfectly. LaserWriter Paper Stop.stl.zip