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  2. JLCPCB now has the order, estimating 1 week til delivery - I have 2 boards out of that batch to spare, so - who here has an SE with battery damage, or one they can pull the customs out of, to test this recreation?
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  4. Bendix

    My screen is blue (Radius Pivot SE/30)

    If you look at this post of bigmessowires‘ and his following one in the same thread, you will find that he was stuck with the 1152 resolution at a time and finally solved this with a) the right drivers and b) grounding the right sense pins of his card. So I thought the same should be possible with the pivot SE 30 card, too. Bolle has posted here, which pins are sense pins (4+7), so grounding those would mean connecting them together and then to for example pin 1? And which software would we need?
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  6. PB145B

    512K(e) Online

    Wow, that’s a nice rig! Can’t go wrong with a good old IBM XT and a Mac 512. Two classics. I also give you extra points for having a Microsoft green-eyed mouse. I’m also quite jealous of that IBM 5154 monitor!
  7. sutekh

    512K(e) Online

    Greetings! Long time 68K owner / user, occasional forum lurker, and recent member here. After a several year 68K hiatus, I managed to find a bit of free space and spare time to devote to this former hobby For the past 25 years I've been in possession of my father's 512K, which he purchased new in 1984 fully accessorized. After years of collecting bits and pieces, I finally realized a long-time dream of getting it online Current config / accessories as follows: Mac Plus ROMs MacSnap 548E 2MB RAM board HD20 Harddrive 2 x 800K Floppies (int / ext) Shiva FastPath 4 Appletalk to IP router System 6.0.8 I wish the MacLynx or Wanna-Be text browsers worked on the 68000 platform, but c'est la vie. I'll have to make do with IRC, EMail, and Telnet... I know this is old hat and has been done plenty of times before, but that hasn't stopped me from geeking out on it P.S., His hostname on my local domain is Steve. That's Bill to his left, an also very much online XT.
  8. The 7.5 bug is fixed! I I have been testing the driver in my IIsi for some time with no issues. And wow--System 6 boots up from the ROM disk extremely quickly. I measured something like 7 seconds from the "bong" sound to the desktop on my IIsi. I will be installing the ROM SIMM in my SE/30 and IIci soon and doing a bit more testing before sending out some boards to testers. 8MB SIMMs are currently in production. It's often the case that ENIG gold-plated finish is thinner than leaded/lead-free HASL finish. ENIG is electroplated (as you said), but HASL basically means that the pads are tinned and the excess solder scraped off. Inferior HASL jobs often leave the pads a bit lumpy, with not all of the solder scraped off. Thus the board thickness can be somewhat greater, but it's irregular and can create coplanarity issues when reflow soldering SMD parts. Thus ENIG was traditionally preferred for fine-pitch SMD stuff, though there are other contemporary options for "flat" finishes such as OSP (organic solderability preservatives). OSP is an orange-colored flat finish that's cheaper than ENIG (since OSP doesn't use gold) but only protects the pads from corrosion for a few weeks, so the boards must be assembled soon after they are made. OSP has become the preferred finish for cheap high-ish density boards such as in PC motherboards and game consoles. About the thickness, we checked today and all of the "1.2mm" thickness boards we have made (mostly 30-pin RAM SIMMs) measure around 1.24mm. Referring to TE AMP's recommended board drawing, they say the thickness can go down to 1.19mm, so I think we're good. But we will see how it goes, especially in the plastic clip-type SIMM sockets.
  9. Papichulo

    Should it be recapped?

    I got a leftover picture from that board. I gave up and tossed the board. Hope this helps if it dont theres a post on here about the types of caps for it
  10. kerobaros

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    How many gpio pins are left unused on the Pi? I wonder, if we have enough to run a small i2c bus, if we could add a small LCD or OLED and a few buttons to the board to switch CD images or the like. I've been dreaming of a FlashFloppy-style device for SCSI CD emulation since I got my Mystic a couple years ago.
  11. sutekh

    Should it be recapped?

    Hello! I'm re-capping my 280c and hoping you could tell me the value of the smaller (8mm) capacitor (labeled C6) behind the serial port? I’m re-capping my 280c, and that one’s markings are illegible. Thanks!
  12. aeberbach

    My new SE/30

    Floppy: every floppy I try to initialise in the SE/30 fails. Formatting proceeds normally until it's time to verify, then there is a message "Re-verifying" before I get the failure message. Capacitors? I have yet to replace those. The entire drive has had a clean and re-lube according to JDW's video. I needed to replace the small brown gear in the gearbox, before than eject was not working correctly but it has never initialised a floppy successfully for me. Everything is moving smoothly now.
  13. Stephen

    Homebrew PRAM Batteries

    Thanks folks! if it works that's all that matters!
  14. hyperneogeo

    Any interest in 16MB Mac IIFX memory modules?

    I will ship anywhere in the world
  15. Mr SN

    Corroded Chip

    Make sure you have the jumper on for the ROM select.. This is exactly what happens when that jumper is missing.
  16. I recently uploaded a disk to the Garden, and realized I should probably scan the face of it for the archive. I had this old HP ScanJet 3c in storage, and I thought it would be more fun to do the job with vintage hardware 'cause that's why we're all here, right? When I pulled the scanner out, I was greeted with a mess; the black foam pad adhering the white reflective plastic to the underside of the lid has /disintegrated/. Has anyone replaced something like this before? Is there a standard part I can order from somewhere, or has anyone homebrewed a replacement? A few minutes of creative googling didn't seem to get me anywhere, and I'm hoping I overlooked something.
  17. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Wanted - Macintosh SE Schematic Pages 1&2 (not SE/30)

    I have pp.1-8 of the SE. I could use just the one(?) SIMM page of the BOMARC SE/30 set. Apple's stuff I can't grok, hoping the SE/30 scheme is similar enough to my IIsi set to act as a rosetta page.
  18. Hi would you ship to the UK? I am interested too
  19. PotatoFi


    Challenge accepted. Of course, I’d have to borrow one to 3D model.
  20. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Macintosh SE/30 Schematics (modernization effort)

    Memory banks on p.3 are marked as Bank 0 and Bank 1. Very convenient that. Can anyone confirm that Bank 1 on the schematic would be Bank B in the real world? Or is it Bank A for some unknown reason?
  21. TarableCode

    Scuznet SCSI to Ethernet Adapter PCB & parts kit

    The protocol used by the SCSI driver is well documented by saybur on their github. I don't see why that documentation couldn't be used to add ethernet over USB to scsi2sd. Of course the moral problem with that is it's effectively diverting money away from anyone who would buy the Scuznet board.
  22. Juror22

    Possibly Awesome Haul Tomorrow

    No worries, you were really nice to pass it on and help someone out.
  23. Very nicely done! I would be interested if only I had a SE to test it in...
  24. This would be fun. I am very likely interested.
  25. Soldering one of these together sounds like a lot of fun! My SE board works, but I wouldn't mind putting one together to test!
  26. This is really cool! I love the idea of a new logic board for our vintage machines. Sorry about the Maxell bomb on the SE. That's probably the most scary damage I've seen it cause. (And this is coming from someone who bought a Mac SE/30 with a Maxell bomb "surprise").
  27. AAAAAND DONE! Literally every last pin checked, every component given a proper value (so i can export a BOM), all ground and power planes checked, even against the charcoal rubbing schematic that's out there in the wild. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a set of boards - who wants one of the test units to try and build/rescue an SE? If it doesn't work, it'd make a great wall piece and talking point, right?
  28. Soaking in vinegar? I would not do that, you want to neutralize any leaking alkaline electrolyte (capacitors, battery) but not allow the vinegar to eat away at any metals for hours. It is a weak acid but still an acid, will clean a penny in a short time or corrode and pit it given long enough. After a wash with gentle detergent and then alcohol, and enough time to dry, have you tried reseating every socketed chip? After shipping mine had 341-0635-A sitting up ready to pop out of its socket.
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