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  2. Howdy! So I have this old Lisa 2/5....

    Thanks for that link. I think I'm going to replace the caps on the analog board before I plug in the screen kit transformer. Maybe after I stabilize the power I'll revisit the floppy drive. A working floppy might help me diagnose the problem with the Sun20 hard drive. I'm not planning on trying to run any OS other than what's on there now.
  3. Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    Now this is a machine that deserves to have an Xceed Grayscale card!
  4. 3D-Printed Objects

    The school I work at has purchased a 3D printer that has a 10"w x 10"d x20"h (254mm x 254mm x 508mm) print area. That's big enough to print a compact Mac bezel (diagonally at least). 128k, 512kx, Plus, SE/x, Classic, and even the Color Classic should all be do-able. Immediate applications that come to mind - customized floppy openings for different media (Zip/Jaz drives, optical drives, Twiggy drives, SD cards), customized monitor openings and interior mounting lugs for for flat screens, simple replacement of broken bezels, Macquaria and Macsks, even whole new esthetic takes on the front of a compact Mac (like this. ) I don't think buckets are possible yet, but it might be fun to do a 5/9 scale one with a little 5" CRT or 4:3 flat screen. Anybody got a good scan of the face (interior and exterior) of any compact Mac? I'd really like a Classic model to mess with, but any compact Mac face will do.
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  6. Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    A bigger UPDATE: Sooo, after some hassle with, well, nearly everything in my SE/30, finally here's where we are now: 1st Test: SE/30, 32bit clean ROM -Using the INIT (which I've diassembled and it indeed does not more than picking on code-resource out of the control-panel resource) and my patched CP it boots all the way through. No error, no exception, even the CP-icon has been X'ed as no C040 was in the system. That's a pretty uncommon view, isn't it? 2nd Test: Little Carrera went where no Carrera has gone before... a bit tight but it's OK (the front corner baaaarely touches the tube): Cross fingers, light a candle - prepare curses for Bolle , just in case - and flick the switch: Chime & Happy Mac, installs MacsBugs, INITs'n'stuff and... stuck at the control panel. Woohoo! Well, not 100%-Woohoo but it shows that we're getting somewhere. I assume a deadlock where the CP waits for an answer from the C040 at a given address ($5300 0000) on which little SE/30 is deaf, dumb and blind. It crashes that much, that even MacsBugs is shocked and vanishes (even the debug-key is not working)... but we'll fix that. P.S. We love Bolle, don't we?
  7. New day more if the same problem, was using my portable for a good few hours today, messing around trying to get the modem dialing (it's been a while) and formatting some disks. When I shut down I got a black full contrast line across the display below the other line when the mac was off, it faded away in a minute or so. Got very concerned and booted up again after a cup of coffee, and now I have this new line with pixels across that seem to lag when they go off. And when shutting down the line goes all black and fades out. Could this be some power fail that is frying the display or just the old display slowly dying? Should the display draw black lines across when turned off or is that some failure with mine? It's where those display off lines that seems to be dying.
  8. Carrera SE/40

    Pics from/for the Carrera 040 in SE/30 effort
  9. Master/ Slave / CS in older IDE machine

    Depends on the drive. Some say use no jumper at all ("single drive environment" / "only device on IDE channel" / something to that effect), others say to set the jumper to Master. You should be okay for most drives if you set the jumper(s) to Master. You never want to set it to Slave or Cable Select as that will likely make the drive invisible to the machine or give you boot issues.
  10. Fat Mac with HyperDrive revived!

    I made some time ago a list of which caps had to be replaced on mine. The A/B caps should be the same on yours but I think my Hyperdrive PSU is slightly different. I'm including it anyway for reference. Hyperdrive PSU (YMMV) 2x 200v 100uF (1,8diamx4height) 2x 35v 1000uF (1,5x2,5) 2x 25V 470uF (1,3x2,2) 2x 10V 2200uF (1,7x2,5) /* Those are centimeters by the way... */ A/B caps C1 BP 35V 3.9uF C2 16V 4700uF C3 16v 200uf C4 good C5 10v 47uf C6 50v 22uf C7-C8 good C9 160v 10uF C10 good C11 16v 33uf C12 good C13 16v 33uf C14 50v 22uf C15-C23 good C24 16v 2200uf C25 16v 1000uf C26 16v 1000uf C27-C28 good C29 16v 2200uf C30 16v 220uf C31 16v 1000uf C32-C34 good C35 200v 100uf C36 200v 100uf C37 good C38 X filter C39 10v 470uf C40-C42 good C43 10v 470uf */ The ones marked as "good" are non-electrolytic capacitors and shouldn't need replacing */ Hope this helps.
  11. Hi!! Very happy to finally register here, i know i didnt register an account before needing some help,sorry about that, but i have followed this place for a long time! Ok thats a bit of introduction. So i bought a Macintosh portable in extremely good cosmetic shape, looks almost new, but ofcource it didnt run, hadnt been started for over 20years. I did a recap of the motherboard, replacing all caps, except for the cap on the hybrid board, and the two? caps in the display. Most of the SMD caps had leaked some, but it cleaned of well and the board is in exceptional shape. New caps soldered, and a new battery inplace, it starts up and works PERFECT! i had also dismanteled the connor harddrive and cleaned out goo since the sealed had melted and leaked. HD works fine now! But after using the portable for about 3days. a non lit/non black line appeared across a bit more than half of the display. ill attach an image. So i dismanteled the display, and noticed a broken lead in the display cable, repaired cable and measured it, it was fine now. But the line didnt disappear, the broken display lead didnt seem to matter, either way. disassembled the displaypanel from the displayboard, cleaning the contact with iso-alcohol. Didnt help, same line but then i noticed when moving the display cable on the display side of things, made some high pitch sound and the line started to flicker at times, so i took apart the display connector on the display cable on the display side and shorted it a half centimeter and assembled it back, but heck still that dead line. SO i resoldered the display cable connector on the display in hope that would help, but NO it did nothing. And after resoldering connector and shorten the displaycable i dont get that flickering of the dead line nor the pitched sound? so i made it worse? better? So now im a bit stuck, guess i could clean under the zebra stripe rubber/carbon contacts, but it seems a bit scary, afraid i wont get them properly aliagned afterwards, but this would be the next step to try. Any help? ideas? could the caps on the displayboard matter? dont seem to have leaked. is there any cap on the motherboard that could produce this problem? that i might try to resolder. Please advice Sorry for the novel size first post, but i really would like to have this Mac in prestine shape, its such a fantastic "little" 68k machine! Love it! love to tug it around aswell!
  12. PowerBook 520, lines on screen, pram batteries

    Thanks for the advise. I’ll try to find those caps, and more info on the pram batteries. I know there’s 2 of them. @techknight . In what area should I look for the caps?
  13. MDD Ultimate OS9 Machine Upgrades

    Very nice post! I have also the single 1,25 ghz Powermac G4. I bought it some years before because i was looking the last machine that can boot from mac os 9. I have increased the ram to 1,768mb if i remember correctly and i can also remember that mac os 9 was really fast! I would like to upgrade it with better graphics card (now i have a geforce 32mb ram) and a sonnet encore accelerator for mac os leopard but it is really hard and expensive to find one.
  14. There was a capacitor list somewhere (values and digikey reference) but I cannot find it anymore. You can find some parts on lisalist I think https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/lisalist/capacitor$20list$20lisa|sort:date/lisalist/mwROKHVSnL0/qoW4zNRk6jgJ I'm not 100% sure that a 800k iorom works with 400k drive but this version of iorom is needed for Macworks plus. Your screen kit transformer is not plugged in, that may explain why your image is small (as SuperSVGA said). You will have to adjust potentiometers after it is plugged If you want to use your lisa as a slow macintosh plus, the best option is to install a 800kb floppy, if you want to play with lisa OS you will need to change CPU rom and video prom
  15. Fat Mac with HyperDrive revived!

    That was to be expected. Mine’s shot as well. But you can’t just replace it with any other board as GCC modified a couple of things on their Hyperdrive’s Analog board to beef it up a bit. Only solution is to recap and/or repair...
  16. 1920x1200 Capable Video Cards?

    Don't know if this applies or is of any help, but some interesting reading on a 8500's built in display resolution and forcing it to do 1920x1080. Might be able to use it on other models, or at least as a starting point. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/42610-1920x1080-on-pm8500-built-in-twin-turbo-128/
  17. Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    I have a Sonnet branded version of the IIsi adapter and it looks almost the same as the MicroMac version, except it is missing the capacitor through-holes. I am guessing that the Mobius Speedster I have would work with that adapter. I think the Sonnet 040 accelerator looks different than the Mobius/Carrera boards though, so I am not sure about testing them out until I am more certain the adapter is compatible.
  18. SE/30 logic board large capacitors

    Sorry, tried another: The third floppy worked, so the first two were dead. That was an unwelcome fluke. All the same, what do C2 and C11 do?
  19. 3D-Printed Objects

    Awesome stuff! Coincidentally I was also working on reproducing the q8XX/PM8500/9500 etc (does this style case have a shorthand name??) hard drive sled as well (apple part number 815-0446) 815-0446.stl My intention was to create another sled so that I could mount an internal Jaz drive into the middle bay on my 9500, but I ran into a small snag. The sled itself was great, and for a hard drive it would have been fine, but for the Jaz drive, it was mounted too low. Aside from the fact it would be annoying aesthetically, the RF shielding built into the front of the case was actually blocking (and pushing ever so slightly) into the bottom half of the eject button. Not a problem, just design something for the drive to sit on: 815-0446-platform.stl It snaps into place onto the the drive sled and has the exact same mounting holes. Screw the drive to the platform before attaching to the drive sled. Also, it probably fits the original part, but in my enthusiasm I mounted and installed it using my 3d printed part before I thought to try it. My model of the drive sled is very close to the original, but the original has certain design considerations for injection molding that I did not replicate (some of the struts that appear to be at 90 degree angles are actually slightly off 90 in some places, I presume to make ejecting from the mold easier) . I don't imagine that will have much impact, but there you go just in case. I should also note that the boost platform thing was designed entirely by me, so the likelihood of it actually positioning the drive to fit any existing apple made bezel is probably not so good. It should put the drive just about dead center for the bezel space..so it might, but I don't have any measurements (let alone an actual bezel) to test against. Feeling otherwise pretty good about how everything was coming together, I designed a bezel for the Jaz drive as well: 815 jaz bezel.stl I should also note, again, that I have not actually printed this part out, so i'm not 100% sure that it will A: Fit and B: actually work as intended. I am pretty sure the Jaz cartridges will clear the bezel in such a way that you can grab them when they are ejected, and I am feeling pretty alright about the actual bezel lining up with the drive correctly. However, Unless you don't mind wasting your time/effort/plastic, I would suggest not printing this out until I work out all the potential bugs. But who knows! Maybe I got it right on the first shot. The reason I haven't printed is largely due to my printer having some kind of clog in the nozzle, resulting in under-extrusion which makes for terrible 3d printing. I'm going to have to take the extruder apart and the nozzle off to fix it and i'm just putting it off because i don't want to burn myself. How I think (read: hope) it should line up: It was also about this point in time when I decided that it would be a smart move to actually plug in the Jaz drive to see if it, you know, worked. I bought the drive a couple months or so ago at a second hand store for 2 or 3 bucks, and it looked like it was in decent shape... but looking good is about all it does . Not a huge loss honestly, it was just a good excuse to build all this stuff, but it would have been nice to have. Plus it's a good base to build a Zip based bezel which is I'm sure is of far more utility to most everyone else (I have an ATAPI zip drive, which is fine for using to measure stuff, but I have no appropriate Macs from which to drive it)
  20. 1920x1200 Capable Video Cards?

    SGI made some of the most beautiful/whackiest looking stuff. Imagine how cool the TAM might have been if their crew had designed it? But 1600x1024 isn't W---I---D---E screen it's a letterboxed s-h-o-r-t s-c-r-e-e-n format that looks like an excuse for using lopped off LCDs that had too many bad pixels at top or bottom edge. That Sonata card's pretty interesting, but dollars to doughnuts its RAMDAC won't support 1920x1200, they're pretty much set in stone to support only "standard" resolutions. It's interesting to see HD1080 AKA "1080p" on a NuBus card and that 2432x1712 top end is crazy cool for a NuBus card with only analog Mac and VGA outputs! Anazing stuff even limited to 16bit by the 4MB VRAM Ceiling. That Sony FW-900 was all the rage in PC-addict for building PC based home theater precursors post-Y2K. One day I'll get my 1988 SuperMac card with its amorphous RAMDAC setup to run some widescreen resolutions, but it's 2MB VRAM limited. HRMMM? I wonder if there's a PC-addict or MAC-addict repository?
  21. SE/30 logic board large capacitors

    I ask because I have recapped all but these two, and my floppy drive does not appear to be getting power. I’ve tried a couple of drives and two cables.... Just trying to figure out what to do next.
  22. Howdy! So I have this old Lisa 2/5....

    Oh, I forgot to ask, does the presence of the 341-8003 ROM on the I/O board mean the system has to have an 800K floppy drive? The CPU board has 341-0346-A and 341-0347-A ROMs and a 341-0348A ROM, indicating a screen kit upgrade. Although the yoke coil is not connected. I wonder why? I'm almost afraid to find out.... Also, I'm bit confused about the power supply. This is how mine is labeled. I assume it's probably a replacement installed by Sun Rem but it's got a really low serial number and early date. I want to replace some of the caps in it. Has anyone made a cap list for this PS? Thx,
  23. SE/30 logic board large capacitors

    The SE/30 has, among other capacitors, two radials rated 220µF (16V) at C11, and 470µF (16V) at C2. Can anyone tell me what they are for?
  24. Fat Mac with HyperDrive revived!

    Well it fun while it lasted. I think Mac PS is bad now. It crashed & died while I was running it today. Now all get is crackling from the speaker when I turn on the power. I was reading a bunch of floppies with the external drive so I was pulling some extra power. It doesn't really surprise me, if the PS for the HyperDrive was bad then the Mac PS will certainly have issues too. I might try recapping it or I also have a couple of spare PS boards I can try. But I'm going to set it aside for now while work on the Lisa.
  25. MacBook!

    If you care at all about running PPC apps, do NOT upgrade to 10.7.... I learned that the hard way In all honesty, I wouldn't upgrade to 10.7. It didn't benefit me enough for me to care, it only made it so I couldn't run powerpc apps.
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  27. MacBook!

    The power supply works and the laptop battery and Mac OS 10.6 is installed. It does run a bit warm though. Given that it still has the original memory and hard drive it probably needs to be taken apart and cleaned out.
  28. 1920x1200 Capable Video Cards?

    Are you talking about the GDM-FW900? In which case, yes, 1920x1200 was probably about the optimum resolution for it. (It was technically capable of going higher, something like 2304x1440, but it was apparently hard to find video cards with DACs up to the challenge.) Do note of course that monitor didn't come out until 2000. (This is the oldest widescreen monitor I can actually think of, circa 1998. Undoubtedly there were ones before that but, yeah. Exotic.) By "late 90's Mac" do you mean something with a PCI slot? In which case I think any Radeon or GeForce card that has a DVI port should be able to do 1920x1200. It's the highest resolution supported by single-link DVI. (Google suggests that VGA-equipped Rage 128 cards can handle it as well. Frankly I'd *guess* most higher-end late 90's video cards would be technically capable of the resolution, but you may have issues with drivers having no clue about widescreen resolutions.)
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