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Is there any way to use a BLU Widget disk image with an emulator?

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If anyone's interested I released the beta code that includes the BLU changes. I'll need more BLU images to compare to. While lisafsh is now able to get a directory, it's not right somehow. So the metadata for the directories is right, but when I try to extract the files they don't match known good extracted files from a profile image from LisaEm. It's possible this has to do with interleaving or the offset to the start of the file system.


https://github.com/rayarachelian/lisaem.git git repo

https://lisaem.sunder.net/downloads/lisaem-1.2.7-20200314-msw.zip windows binaries

https://lisaem.sunder.net/downloads/lisaem-1.2.7-20200314.tar.xz source archive


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