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which macs need recap

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i have lots of old Macs. I think most of 68k will need recap ASAP. But should i also start with PPC Macs (601-604)?

Also which caps are in Performa 630 Power Suppy?

List of some of my Macs

Mac LC II - Recap ASASP

Mac LC III - Recap ASAP

Mac LC 475 - Recap ASAP

Quadra 650 - ???

PowerMac 7200 - ???

PowerMac 7300 - ???

PowerCenter 120 - ???

PowerMac 9600 - ???

PowerMac G3 Beige - ???

PowerBook 160 - Recap ASAP

I think i dont need to worry about color Macs


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I was working with a G4 mini last year that showed evidence of cap leakage.

So yes, I would expect 601-604 based systems to need it too.  If not now, soon.

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I am changing all the caps on my machines, but I am working my way up from oldest to newest. No evidence, but one would expect leakage on a 20 year old machine to be less than that on a 30 year old one.

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Not what @TheMrKocour was asking, but what about the early macs (128k, 512k, Plus)?  I've seen conflicting information - both that they need recaps and that they don't (the analogue board does but not the logic board maybe).  Does anyone have a definitive say on that?  I fail to see why they'd be different from the other, later macs.

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Generally speaking, the axial and radial electrolytics don’t leak with anywhere near the frequency of the surface mounts. There is immediate danger to boards from leaking electrolytic. The 128k-Plus logic boards aren’t prone to this with their axial caps. They almost never go bad, though at some

point they will likely go out of spec, after which they should be replaced. They are so cheap, I usually do it anyway. The AB caps take much more abuse over life (especially with a passive cooling system) they fail much sooner. Replacing at this 35 year old age is prudent for any electronic.

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Some are more prone than others. You might want to consider the more advanced  high-end 68k machines first.


That said there are so many factors that come into cap leakage from what caps they used from the factory at the time it was assembled, to the ammount it has been used (and possibly even the condition of the power supply). 


Rule of thumb, if you want to keep things simple, oldest to newest is a good plan.

But IMHO, I think it would pay to take some time and research the machines most prone. Look at the condition of your machine's boards, look for tell-tale signs when powering on and running (from audio issues to non-booting garbage on the screen) and decide then what to recap.


One thing you should do, if you only have limited time and/or funds, wash the problematic and iffy looking boards to avoid any further corrosion while they are queued up for recapoing in the future.

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