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    • If you remember, could you write it down and share the steps?  I just got Nisus Word Processor 3.06 on disk and I'd like to make backups.  
    • LOL! I have an LC case with an LC II Logic Board in it, and a LC II with a LC Logic board in it. I managed to get these systems separately and months apart, so they were not from the same seller. It just happened to happen that way. I could switch the boards around to get them into their appropriate cases but for now I have not.   But as stated, the LC Logic board need that plastic piece with the fan and speaker on it, and it is there inside the LC II Case.
    • Heh. I wouldn't mind one myself. My Power Mac 6100/66 has a Sonnet G3 250 MHz installed (not quite as fancy, but still much faster than stock).
    • In my basement, along with the 2.6 you were looking for. I will try to see if I remember how to make images of them. Send me a message with an email address and I will try to get them to you.
    • IDK about the LCI/II/III as I never got the card I have working on my LCII beyond maybe installing the drivers and a green light of some sort.   But I will note that I had similar trouble with my Power Mac 6100/66 not playing nice with a more modern 10/100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet) switch or hub, whereas interposing a 10 Mbps hub in between it and more modern hardware solved that problem (probably a similar auto-negotiation/duplex problem).