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Mighty Jabba

My compact Mac-themed birthday party

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Since I've been restoring a lot of older Macs recently, I decided to have a compact Mac-themed birthday party. I brought along a couple of them for people to play around on, and we used the SE on the right to play a three-player game of Jeopardy, which was pretty fun. My sister made up some Mac-themed sugar cookies that I thought turned out really well.




One of my presents was a "1984" pillow from Throwboy




Unfortunately, as I was preparing for the party, my Mac Plus with a Gemini Systems accelerator (my fastest system and the one I had been planning to use) stopped working. The screen froze up and when I tried restarting I no longer get a chime and instead get garbled video. :( I have yet to work up the courage to recap a normal Mac, so I'm not sure I'm up to fixing an upgraded system like this.

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