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PB 3400c Startup Issue - It Doesn't

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As I continue to unpack a 3400c/Kanga stash stuff comes up that I don’t remember from when it all was put away.


Comes now a 3400c with a startup issue. It chimes, the HD spins up, it takes some time to check the RAM and the LCD backlight comes on - and that’s it. No Happy Mac, no HD reading sounds, nothing else. When I do the startup with a CD in the drive, the same routine; chime, the CD spins up and the activity light sometimes flickers early (as in to find if the drive is occupied) but no Happy Mac and not the first reading sound.


There are no beeps during the startup sequence. The 4-key PRAM Zap works as it should but doesn't make any difference, the cursor moves with the trackpad just fine, holding down the power key doesn’t produce a shutdown.


Are there any tricks to reestablish the startup sequence so it will go all the way?



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Have you checked the hard drive ribbon cable?


I had a similar problem with a 12" Aluminum PowerBook (except I'd at least get the cursor and flashing question mark), and after tearing down and reassembling it more times than I can count, I *finally* determined that the optical drive's ribbon cable had failed, and it was somehow holding up the IDE controller and preventing it from seeing any drives.


Sometimes a hard drive which is mechanically OK (spins up and makes normal noises), but has bad electronics can also cause this problem, I've found.


Disconnect the hard drive and see what happens.



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Thanks cc



switched HDs, keyboards, RAM modules, displays, power unit ...  

tried about every key combination I can hold down at the same time

searched "the literature" (aka Google) for guidance

all to no avail


Incidentally, I miswrote in the original posting - the PRAM Zap does not work at all. Holding the 4 keys down does not cause the startup recycle as it should so whatever is messed up is apparently before the nvram loads.


Still a NF PowerBook, still puzzled.

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