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Apple ][ Plus Woes

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I just got an Apple ][ Plus, but the monitor doesn't work - I need to hold the v-sync dial further than it actually goes in order to see a picture (Comrex video monitor).  So I connected it to a projector and got it to show Apple ][, but nothing else.  I also couldn't get the disk drive to work - it just showed that it was in use and nothing else.  And then the computer died on me, and it no longer shows a picture with the projector (but it does beep and show a light - the projector just shows a no source found message).


Having no experience whatsoever with these machines, I don't know what to do.  Tips?  Why would the computer be working one minute and then dead another?  Is the monitor dial just broken and there's nothing I can do about it?  I read somewhere that orienting the disk drive connector wrong can break it - what is the right way to orient it (I'm worrying that I broke it already)?  And how would I boot into BASIC once I get it working again?  Thank you for bothering to answer what are probably obvious questions!

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First, is the Psu delivering good outputs ?


you should have +12/+5/-12/-5 volts. 


Have you got the beep from the speaker ? And the keyboard lamp on ?


the video connector can be faulty, often is. 

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