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    • I couldn’t find the II switch in the other thread either. Right now, I’m almost done with the first iteration, @jessenator do you have a picture of the flipside? Just want to make sure I get the reset/interrupt pictogram/legends correctly aligned.    Here’s the work in progress. (I’ll post a .STL as soon as have everything in place).
    • Thanks!  No plans for add-ons at the moment.
    • There are no disadvantages to implementing >4GB images.  This is something 040 and PPC owners have been interested in, in addition to the CD audio and changer functions.  For example, you could use fdisk to divide a 32GB card into a 20GB FAT32 partition and a 12GB hard drive image.  A drive entry in the config file could point to an image file on the FAT32 partition or to the entire 12GB partition.       That is the general idea, but not a direct quote.      While my primary focus is Macs, there's no reason MacSD cannot work on other SCSI platforms.  It is being tested on Amiga, SGI, Sun, RS/6000, etc by others.  I will describe it as unsuitable for applications supporting human life (as are its individual components and the SD card).  Nobody should be using this in a traffic light.  Everything else is fair game.
      I'm not concerned whether features I add to MacSD already exist in other products.  Everyone benefits from the new options and capabilities.   The ini file configuration in no way limits the MacSD's capabilities.  Config files run entire operating systems.  In addition to convenience, it solves the problems of: Keeping firmware and configuration utilities updated in tandem Migrating configuration on firmware updates On-chip configurations valid only for a particular card   If you don't want to bother with >4GB images and fdisk; if all you need is a single HDD, your config file is two lines long.  Easy is not the opposite of powerful.
    • That is truly staggering and it seems that it was well cared for e.g. carefully packed and kept reasonably clean.  Congrats!