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Using a Macintosh Classic II AB in a Macintosh Plus

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Hi I have recently had some sad knew that one of my once good flybacks has been killed in my Macintosh plus due to a bad Q3 transistor, after replacing it both the once good and the bad flybacks make a humming noise and there is no picture. Also the new Q3 get really hot and there is a short across the 4700 capacitor. I was thinking that because I have a good Macintosh classic II analog board just sitting in a empty case in its original box, I could maybe find a way to use it on my Macintosh plus by re wiring it. I know that it has no clock battery insert but if its not needed I'll leave it our of the question. But I know unlike the se; the Macintosh plus and classics have the outside speaker. If this is possible and someone has done it before I would be so grateful if someone could walk me through. I still have the yolk for the classic two so that wont be a problem to switch, I just one my other Macintosh plus to work without having to pay $100 for a stupid coil. I will be looking into the schematics but I have been very tired and busy lately to come up with a diagram made.

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