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    • Before connecting up the KVM mentioned in the companion thread, I had a Dr Bott DVI/USB KVM connected to 3xG5s and 1x MacPro 2008 and a 23" Cinema Display. The KVM worked splendidly, allowing recognition of the proper screen resolution and so on. However, the thing would randomly switch to the Mac Pro, even when the latter was asleep and during use of one of the G5s.   Fault in the KVM or something that the Mac Pro itself is doing in the peculiar semi-wake-ups that later iterations of OSX is given to?
    • All I can tell you for sure about that is that Mode 32 is not needed for the machine to work with more ram, only to use that ram.
    • Hi all!   Just finished my first recap of an SE/30 - was quite the job, but it works! This is my first SE/30 so trying to learn what's possible for my machine.   Now I need to find some ram. I only have 1mb in it currently, so no system 7. My goal would be to have System 7.5.5 on it - I do have a network card so I'd like to go online/transfer files/etc.   OWC has new 16mb modules - And 64mb seems overkill. - 64mb(16x4) $48 - $0.75/mb   Ebay/etc have a lot of 4mb though they'd cost about 2x more per mb as OWC. I don't see any 8mb 30pin simms for sale. - 16mb(4x4MB) $25 - $1.56/mb (2x OWC price per MB) - so if i got 8x4(32mb) would cost more than the 64mb option   I would like to have 16-32mb, but 64 seems overkill.   My questions are: I need to install in sets of 4 - correct? If I'm over 16 mb can the se/30 boot up still? or does MODE32 need to be installed first? Am I missing something or should I just buy the 64mb from OWC (though I hear booting RAM checks can take a while) Would it be a good idea to get a BMOW ROM-inator? (or only if I go with 64mb?)
    • I have a fairly generic KVM with DVI/USB interface that defaults to 1024x768 resolution, e.g., if a machine is booted or if it wakes without the switch being properly set to it. The machines involved are 3xG5s and one Mac Pro running X.5 and X.9 respectively, and all are connected via the KVM to a 1920x1200 Apple Cinema 23" display.   If any one of these machines is not started up or wakened with the switch set to it, I get a blank screen, requiring that the machine be put to sleep by the power button and then re-awakened with the KVM button properly set -- at which point, the proper resolution is recognized through the KVM and all is well. When the screen is blank, furthermore, it is possible to use another Mac and the screen sharing option in networking to access the Displays Control Panels on the affected machines, which shows that the machine knows it is connected to a KVM which requires a 1024x768 resolution. Except it doesn't, and I can't see a bloody thing.   As I have a sort of workaround in the sleep/wake solution, all this is not a total disaster, but it is a small frustration and I wonder if things could be better. Is there some way to force a machines' resolution output to 1920x1200, no matter what screen it thinks it is connected to?  
    • I suppose the question would be, what difference would this make on a 68040 over against a 68030 processor? Or between the Q950 and Q700? Smoother serial and floppy operations only?