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Recapping a Compact Mac

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So I have 

2x Macintosh Plus

1x Classic


i was wondering how involved recapping them is. My experience with Commodore Amiga’s and caps, is that it’s better to recap before they start to fail, as it will avoid unpleasant cap leak. Is the same true to these old macs? I’ve not looked, but I seem to recall the Plus being through hole.


I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I just thought I’d start a discussion as I’d like to get a better understanding of what I might be facing. I’m ok with a soldering iron, just not done much with SMD’s, through hole I’m totally fine with.


Potentially I have a friend who could recap them for me, but I’d like to see if I can do them myself first.



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The Plus AB and MB are all through hole. Classic AB is through hole but the MB is surface mount. They are relatively easy to fix, I’ve got Mouser part lists online if you want for ease of reference. General rule is that the Plus MB caps are not really necessary to replace unless not working...but I usually do it anyway.


The real question will be how much surface mount leakage there is on the Classic MB. That will really be the deciding factor as to how tough it all will be.

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The parts list can’t hurt! It will be handy to have.


Its a relief to hear the Plus is through hole. The Classic worked 6 months ago, but I stuck it in the attic while I was reorganising things in the house. Think I best bring it down and take a look.



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