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    • 6320 isn't the Road Apple, it's the predecessor 6200/75 which was an absolute dog.  120Mhz 603e would bring it up to low specced early PPC speeds (think 6100/66) which if running PPC aware programs is capable enough.
    • Ok team, I order a TDA7052A to replace it! 1. I took the speaker and plug it in to a 9v battery, the speaker is alive... 2. Took the analog board out and verify that the speaker cables where not damage. multimeter and continuity test - cable pass 3. re-solder speaker cables to the analog board 4. Put the TDA7052A in a socket waiting for the replacement   I put it back together and now speaker is working...maybe was a bad soldering point...but still going to replace the chip.   This maybe help someone else out there with the same issue.    
    • Thanks.  Now I have white vertical lines. So maybe its some bad ram. Reset all chips so replacing ram will be next.
    • Everymac seems to allude that this model, in addition to the TV accouterments, came with a 256k L2 cache as standard, and that, more than almost anything IME, will make a night/day difference on a 603e(v) machine for sure (well it makes a difference on all PPC Macs, but you get my point). I've run my 4400 with and without its cache and it's like a different machine. Pop the cache in, and it's the cut-price PowerMacintosh it was made to be. Take it out, and it's a Performa. :P    My family 6218CD (75MHz) compared to the 5x00 school lab Macs was a complete dog. It got crap done for my family though  but I was sad about having to play Dark Forces at pixel-doubled resolution, and never being able to play with the full viewport on DOOM. But with their price points, they filled a market segment, I'll concede.
    • Well, it isn't a Performa 630. It's a 6320CD. No idea how this happened, somehow the seller wrote "Performa 630", the photos showed a Performa 630, but the computer front panel says 6320 and the logic board is a 6320. The serial number matches what was in the listing. Totally confused. The seller seems to be as well.   I don't mind it that much, I think I have a random Q630 logic board somewhere. But completely crushed the 96 630 isn't really a thing.   Weird thing is there is a P630 with plastic just as good as this 6320, supposedly.   So, performance of the "Permafrost" 6320CD - it isn't anywhere near as bad as LEM claims. It actually seems to be peppy. It has the original install of 7.5.3 Update 2.0, the original owner seemingly used the system for a year and then never used it again. 16mb RAM and a 1.5GB hard drive. Really not bad for an Amelio era re-bundling of a Spindler era machine. It was probably dirt cheap when new.