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    • I found the card - it's a WPC54G version 3. I don't remember there being anything that was advertised as being more Mac-specific, because by the time WPA2 appeared, Macs both stopped having places to put cards and had stopped shipping without pre-installed Wifi. (I re-read (USA) MacWorld's preview and review for the 2001 Dual USB iBook and it makes almost no mention of wifi at all, which is wild in retrospect.)   Depending on what your physical location is like, another possible option to make WPA1 or WEP or even no encryption at al reasonable might be to get a second router or access point, like an old WPC54G or earlier AirPort. You could even turn it on/off just when you wanted to use it.   I've thought about it, but I haven't done it because I live in a relatively high density apartment/condo development, where open/WEP-only wifi would be exploited pretty quickly.   The other option, which I might eventually do, is an unrestricted wifi access point meant for my iBook G3 and maybe the 1400 (I have some WaveLANs) that gets something like 128/128k to the greater Internet, and/or is MAC restricted, or firewalled such that the only thing it can access is vtools.
    • Perhaps make this optional, and provide a kit of cut strips upon request for the user to apply as needed, since the tolerance of SIMM slots seems to vary (some work fine with 1.2mm SIMMs, whereas others seem to require 1.27mm exactly).   c
    • I'm posting an image of my analog board just in case someone notice something.  
    • I think that big heatsink is attached to a power transistor.   I didn't check the little board on the back of the CRT. I'm taking note to check it next time.
    • What mounts on that big heatsink you are heating?    I guess you have already looked at the back of the CRT under the sheet of white plastic covering the solder side of the small board? I just found two cracked joints on mine that were the cause of a problem I was sure was on the analog board.