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Macintosh Portable lines on screen

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I have a Portable with both a vertical and horizontal line on its screen. I have another with many lines in both directions.


I've tried cleaning the zebra strips with IPA and a cotton swab, but it didn't help. Below is a photo of the issue and a video of some suspect areas under the zebra strip on the left side of the display. I can't tell if these rough spots on the glass are expected or what sort of trouble I should be looking for.


Any advice?


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The original Gameboy is infamous for problems similar to this, but it is relatively easy to fix with a soldering iron. I wonder if the problem here is a similar one. Of course I wouldn't recommend blindly trying something like this, especially since the portable has an active matrix screen as opposed to the passive matrix one in the Gameboy, and it may have a completely different reason for failing in this way.

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