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InterWare G3 1M/320 & TAM motherboard revisions

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I recently acquired a TAM from Japan which works great. Inside, I was surprised to find an Interwire G3 L2 accelerator card. Unfortunately, there was no hard drive and no drivers for this card. Does anyone know where I can find a compatible driver for this card? I saw another thread which suggested that a generic Powerlogix card driver would work, but none of the drivers I’ve found actually do. The slot itself is fine, as a sonnet crescendo card that’s I have works well, but it normally lives in another machine.

Second, the motherboard in this TAM is different from another TAM that I have. I can’t see the revision number with out removing the MB, but the ROM socket is different, and there is a different subcomponet (caps mainly) configuration. I’ve never heard of more than one of these before. Anyone know any details on it?

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