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Macintosh SE screen flickering/changing shape

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I just got in another Mac SE and it’s got a bit of a weird problem. The screen will periodically flicker and get larger horizontally by about a cm. Supposedly it was working perfectly before I got it, but it wasn’t packaged very well by the seller and I’m thinking that something may have gotten knocked out of place. I did try adjusting the picture with the potentiometers on the side but it doesn’t seem to affect the fundamental issue. Any ideas?

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No ideas on this one? I noticed that it had the old squirrel cage style fan (which is really is quite loud). Somewhere I heard that these fans could potentially cause screen interference, but I don't know if it's related. I'm kind of stumped about where to start diagnosing this since I don't know a lot about CRTs.

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Sorry if I left you hanging.....

J1 is the connector from the deflection coil on the CRT to the analog board. 

There are 4 wires, I think I remember that they’ll be red, blue, green, yellow. I don’t remember the order. 

Check the solder joints on the analog board at that connector, and check the connector for brown / black, that will come from inside the connector. 

If there is brown / black, conditions will only get worse. 

Change the connector. 




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