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Query/suggestion: exFAT add-on for Classic Macs having Firewire and USB

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I was reminded recently that exFAT has been open sourced.


Is there any insight into what it would take to add support for it to Classic Mac OS? In particular, Mac OS 8 and newer that have existing good support for USB and Firewire mass storage. (Although: adding exFAT as a substitute for HFS+ on 7.x would be hilarious and good as well.)


If someone's looking for a project, this is mostly useful for interoperability purposes, and if it works with ASIP, to be completely honest, I would change the vtools strategy from eight 2TB disks to a single, like, 12TB disk, which would be beneficial, so I'd be happy to help test.


(Even without that particular use case, exFAT is becoming common as a starter format for flash drives and SD cards, and it's a format that newer Mac OS and Windows also both have in common.)

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File System Manager exists, which is the interface to add other file systems. I haven't really looked into it yet to see how you access and mount filesystems versus the FUSE interface.


FatFs is an open source library implementing FAT file systems including exFAT.

Also, the open source lwext4 library exists for ext2/3/4 file systems.



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