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Byte Knight

Another way to transfer programs to a classic Mac

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Before I got an Ethernet card for my SE/30, I used the Guru Modem to transfer programs onto it.  I haven't seen any postings about it in here, and it should work with any of the classic Macs.  What's slick about this wireless internet modem is that it allows you to FTP to sites like Macintosh Garden or your modern computer running an FTP server (I used the app FTP Server on my MacBook Pro), store your downloads on its microSD card, then you download it to your classic Mac via xmodem or zmodem with a terminal program like ZTerm.  The only painful part is that the ftp is command line, so it's easy to have a typo.


And you can telnet to BBS's like Captain's Quarters too!


The Guru Modem goes for $70 + $6.82 shipping.

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