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Make 8.1 look like system 7

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I’m running 8.1 on my mystic color classic, solely for hfs+ compatibility. 


I feel like I read at one point how to remove the platinum appearance, but I can’t recall now, an extension remove and old version of the finder install I think? Does anyone know offhand? 


(It’s funny because back in the day I was trying to do the opposite....)

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Appearance Manager 1.0.4 has the ability to turn off applying the Apple Platinum style on all apps, except for those that need Platinum (Transmit, Mac OS 8 Finder). Should be a checkbox in the Appearance control panel. It works perfectly fine on Mac OS 8.1.


For the Finder, you'll need to combine that with the finder from Mac OS 7.6.1. Mind you that some extensions will break in that arrangement, because you're using an earlier Finder with a newer System folder. The biggest offenders I know of are Speed Doubler 8 and the Japanese Language Kit.

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