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SCSI2SD image editing

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I have searched trying to find the answer to this, but there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there.... so here goes..


i have a scsi2sd installed in my classic II, and it’s working great!  I have it set up emulating two devices, each a 2GB disk. They are both visible in system 7, and can be accessed fine.  


Is is there any way to pull the sd card and mount these drives with basilisk II (or any software for that matter) so I can put additional software/files on them with windows?  


I am able to backup the sd card with USB image toolkit and mount that image in basilisks II, but it only sees the first drive on the card, not the second.


Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

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Use losetup to create a loop device for the 2nd drive at an offset, then mount that.

You can also extract the image for the 2nd drive using dd at an offset, make changes, then reinsert the image.


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