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Compatible Replacement Screen for PB 180?

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Hey gang,


It's been years since I was last marching with the 68kMLA but after some time foolishly spent not toying around with 68k Macs I found that I missed my old Powerbook 170 too much and succumbed to the charms of a Powerbook 180 on Craigslist.  When I first got the 180 the screen was starting to show tunnel vision and, fortunately, I was able to find a new screen that does not have the problem but I got to thinking...  Are there any replacement screens on the market today that could be purchased brand new to give new life to these old active-matrix Powerbooks?  I've been searching the internet hoping to find an answer and so far it seems that nobody has offered up either a) a supplier who still sells the original LCD or b) a new compatible replacement alternative.  Anybody got any pointers?  We are rapidly running out of Powerbook 170's and 180's and I kind of feel a personal mission to find a solution to this.


Thanks in advance!



Powerbook 180

Powerbook 540c


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The best fix would be replacing the CCFL backlighting with an LED strip, keeping your existing panel.  There is also issue with moisture getting into the substrates of the LCD, or the polarising panel delaminating causing other display issues.  However, I've read little online here or elsewhere about rectifying these, it's a future project of mine to look into - noting it might take some significant research, work to successfully reproduce.

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I found this page a long time ago, and it's apparently still online:



Aside from the somewhat peculiar specifications, it looks perfectly identical to the display in the PowerBook 170/180. Very curious if it can be ordered and if it's still in production. And if one should trust the photo or the specifications. Probably the latter, but the image they've chosen still makes it interesting :)


By the way, the tunnel vision issue isn't related to the backlight, but a rather problem with the LCD panel itself.

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