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AppleDesign Speakers power receptacle swap

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Recently someone gave me a set of AppleDesign Powered Speakers. Unfortunately they didn’t include a power supply. These speakers use a weird 7mm 15v 1a center-positive power supply. Generic/multi-tip power adapters likely won’t fit. I leaned this the hard way. I found a generic 15v 1a power supply on eBay for $2 shipping included from China. Unfortunately it had a 5.5mm barrel. I searched through some of my old electronics and found a crappy WiFi router that had a 5.5mm center positive receptacle. I tore it apart, desoldered the receptacle and swapped it with the one on the AppleDesign Speakers board. I plugged in the $2 power supply and heard buzzing but got no LED and no sound. Bummer. I measured the voltage of the adapter and it was only outputting 7.5v. You get what you pay for! I found another spare adapter with a center-positive 5.5mm barrel. It was 12v but figured it might be close enough. I plugged it in and the speakers worked great. This was a very easy hack, still looks OEM, works with more typical power supplies and is way cheaper than buying a power supply compatible with the original receptacle.

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