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Turning a Mac Classic or SE30 into a home hub

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Forget HomeKit!  Its 1992 in my house!  That means VCR and LaserDisc, Panasonic Cordless Landline Phones, Sony Trinitron TVs, Light blue countertops, Black and white checkered bathroom tile and..... a Macintosh SE/30 controlling everything in the home via X-10.  That's right, not only does the SE/30 act as the AppleTalk server for the 2 IIgs computers in the kids' rooms, its also a home control center! Want to know how its all done?  Check this out then! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Macintosh-Version-POWERHOUSE-X-10-HOME-AUTOMATION-CONTROL-RARE-Mac/192955684549?epid=1091814573&hash=item2ced0e16c5:g:H88AAOSw8EhdCabB


PS.  I don't actually have kids, own an SE/30, IIgs, or a house (I rent).  My apartment is actually frozen in time decorum-wise in 1975 with bright orange countertops, an olive-green dishwasher and wood paneling walls in the bedroom.  I just thought this would be a really cool compact mac related item to show you guys.

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