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Takky logic board swap

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I have never had a Color Classic so forgive this basic question. Sometimes I see low-powered Takkys (6200 mobo at 75MHz) for sale at what seem reasonable prices. Then I see high-powered Takkys (6500 mobo at 250-275-300 MHz) for sale at really high prices like $3000+ and someone just paid $1000 for one recently on eBay. So my question is:  Couldn’t one buy one of the low-powered ones and find a working PM 6500 then just do a mobo swap (the harness is the same right)? Or is there much more to it than that?

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Hi Crutch,


You might see $3000 Takkys on eBay, but no-one is buying them :)


A "Takky" modified Colour Classic is a hack that requires a decent amount of modification to not just the analogue board, but also the plastic casing and complete rewire of the harness (usually yanked from a donor 6400/6500 Mac).  There are very neat hacks and very rough hacks out there, with use of later 5x00 and 6x00 boards requiring an additional voltage mod to get things like PCI cards running and also PSU upgrades to power everything along.  If you buy something sight unseen there is good chance it'll be in the rough, dodgy category.


These days chopping up a perfectly good Colour Classic is probably going to devalue it, as most people don't want fast PPC support.  So you might be best finding a rough, non-working Colour Classic and same in a bad 6500 and learning how to do it yourself properly, if keen.



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Thanks @Byrd!  Yeah I gathered some of that pricing was pretty aspirational.  Good points all. Maybe my question is oversimplified (I’m aware of the possible need for a voltage mod and am comfortable doing the PSU upgrade), basically I’m wondering if the harness rewiring is the same across the possible motherboards one could use for a Takky mod ... or if the harness needed for e.g. a 6200 or TAM or 6500 motherboard would be specific to each board.  I just haven’t worked on those models much in the past.

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