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Carrera040 in Macintosh IIsi

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Evening all - 

I recently acquired MicroMac's Carrera040 and I have not been able to start Macintosh IIsi.

Macintosh IIsi has been professionally recapped and is working 100%.


Once I install control panel & extension in the folders, Mode32 and or 32bit is active in System - doesn't matter which. RAM Doubler/vertical memory is off.

Hard drive is 160mb SCSI, 5mb RAM.


Installed it in System 7.0, 7.1 and 7.5.5 - it will not start up as it'll hang/freezes after the control panel loads up at start up (Welcome to Macintosh) with graphical artifacts. I've stripped the system folder to bare except those required extensions/control panels - still freezes.


Does anyone know workaround it?


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Hi AP.


Do you have another machine to test it on?


I have this exact card (sadly without the cache) in my IIci and it works fine, albeit it it leans to one side, so I jammed a cardboard wedge in there. But I digress.


Have you checked the 4 caps on the card? These often leak and suffer from poor solder joints too. 

I replaced mine with Panasonic ones.

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